CORE Kiteboarding 720 5 2018 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding 720 5 2018

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At A Glance

CORE have a strong surfboard range for this year, with riders like Willow River Tonkin on the team it’s hardly surprising. His weapon of choice when it comes to strapless freestyle is the aptly named 720.

The board has a classic glass coat, which surrounds the closed cell PU foam core. Inside this is a vertically laid wood stringer, which controls the flex of the board. This is in turn laminated into the fibreglass coat to create a great looking board. The high-end classic surfboard construction of the 720 is something rather special, as such is the performance of the board.

A flat rocker line combines with a squashed nose design and a rounded winger tail, which improves water release upon take off. The board has a thruster set up and houses FCS ll fin boxes for the most recent ‘clip in’ FCS fin design. Though the board does not come supplied with fins, so you are free to use your favourites; however, it does come with some recommendations for those who need a little help! We used the board with a full deck pad, but the board works just as well with a good old smothering of wax.

Sizes: 4’11”, 5’1”, 5’3”

The 720 is super lightweight and responsive underfoot

On The Water

Get a beginner on this, and they will instantly want to learn to jump it, get an advanced freestyler on it and you will see just how good it is. We admit that we do sit somewhere between the two; however, the joy and progression this board brings is something worth checking out for all freestyle abilities.

The square outline and flat rocker of the 720 means it gets going super early, in fact, the days of cracking out the skim board will be over with this in your weaponry.

The 720 is lightweight and responsive underfoot, and the compact design really keeps it on your feet through those aerial moves filling you with confidence and encouraging you to try new tricks. A relatively easy board to get those first chop hops out of, in no time we were trying all manner of spins and though the results were not always what we wanted the board really stayed glued to our feet and the nimble feel allowed you to throw yourself, and the board, around.

The board has been designed as a strapless freestyle board, so though it is a ‘surfboard’, it is not one for charging into some bombs at your local reef break. That said, it is still really fun in the small stuff, but the less responsive flat nature of the board keeps you from hunting out anything too punchy.


An incredibly impressive board which will suit anyone who wants to have a crack at strapless freestyle to those who are already throwing some impressive moves and want to catch the elusive 720. Classic surfboard construction means you will want to take good care of it on the beach, but once in the water you can let rip and throw it about as the tough foam core helps to absorb those heavy landings.

This review was in Issue 70 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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