CORE Kiteboarding Ripper 4 5’4 2020 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Ripper 4 5’4 2020

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At A Glance

The Ripper from CORE enters its 4th version with a huge overhaul in design to improve not only its usability, but also lightwind and sloppy wave performance. The construction of the board stays the same with a classic surfboard layup of a closed cell PU foam blank lovingly shaped in Portugal with a double laminated wooden stringer and finished with a multi layer glass and resin process.

The outline of the Ripper 4 has changed quite dramatically to a shorter, wider board with more volume through the mid section to aid speed in less powerful wind and wave conditions. The tail of the board has changed from a rounded tail to a mini swallow tail design. This increases the surface area of the tails which adds lift, speed and grip on those hard turns.

The Ripper 4 now benefits from a 3 stage rocker. The front section stays the same, whereas the tail has been reduced by 6mm to give extra speed through the turn, and the flatter mid section keeps the speed up through those lulls in wind and sloppy wave sections we all need to content with.

FCS ll fin boxes complete the package with options to add straps and a full length deck pad if required.

Sizes: 5’4, 5’8, 5’11

Every once in a while a board comes along which makes you reevaluate your quiver; this is it.

On The Water

Due to the added width and subsequent increase in volume, you are able to choose a size smaller than you may be used to with the Ripper 4. I gladly took the opportunity to jump on the 5’4 as well as the 5’8 and found the 5’4 definitely my preferred size as opposed to my more regular 5’7/5’8 sizing.

The more fish shaped outline of the Ripper 4 really lends itself to those real world conditions most of us find ourselves in. The more voluminous nose and tail sections add an air of confidence for those starting out on their wave riding journey and also give that bit of extra time and float through those less than perfect sections we all try and outrun. Catching waves is easy and you really are able to dump the power and ‘surf’ the Ripper 4.

On the wave the Ripper 4 is an absolute joy. Compact with a some solid grip you can really play and get low into those turns for some brilliant carving on the face. Thanks to the classic construction CORE opt for in their boards there is a wonderful flowing feel through the board with great feedback underfoot.

We used this board in a range of conditions and really enjoyed its versatility. In sloppy knee high choppy waves we found it to be great fun and very playful, likewise in solid cross shore swell it was a joy to ride with excellent speed, good control and the playful nature is maintained. In choppier waters the Ripper was stable without masses of bounce, choosing a smaller sized board certainly made this seem an awful lot more comfortable.


The boards’ new shape has bought an even more enjoyable experience in a range of wave conditions which us real world folk find ourselves in. Thanks to the wider outline and fatter mid section the board catches with ease and allows those slightly wobbly moments to pass without mishap. Every once in a while a board comes along which makes you reevaluate your quiver; this is it. Compact, flowing and providing wonderful feedback it is the board most of us have been searching for.


This review was in Issue 82 of IKSURFMAG.

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