CrazyFly ATV 5’10 2020 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly ATV 5’10 2020

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At A glance

The ATV, All Terrain Vehicle, is CrazyFly's surfboard designed for use both in waves and on the flat for freestyle moves. It has been a mainstay of the CrazyFly line-up for years now, and it has impressed us in each incarnation.

This years' board has been newly manufactured in the UK, and there are a few key changes from previous models. The ATV maintains its classic PU construction for that traditional feel, and there is a new carbon stringer in addition to the wood for increased strength and flex.

There is a new double concave on the bottom of the board for increased comfort and stability even at speed, and the width of the board has been held further into the nose and tail for added volume where needed, for those slightly more cautious riders.

The swallow tail design and thruster set up allow for some aggressive carving, and the FCS II fin boxes allow you to chose and change fins in a matter of seconds. Straps come with the board to attached if preferred, and the 3-piece deck pad allows you to customise it at will.

Sizes: 5'10'' x 18.75'' / 6'0'' x 18.9''

There will always be space in your quiver for the ATV

On the Water

The CrazyFly ATV is one of those rare boards which anyone can jump on, regardless of their level, and have a blast. For those who are perhaps not yet confident on a surfboard, the double concave on the bottom and straighter rails keep things comfortably flowing, even if foot placement and kite control are not entirely where they should be.

The nose and tail hold the width of the board, which makes the board look slightly bigger, this adds stability without taking away any of the manoeuvrability and certainly doesn't make the board cumbersome underfoot.

The ATV has been designed as your one-quiver board for all sessions, so they threw all they could at it. In overpowered conditions, it held well, even during a slightly out of control downwind blast, minimal bouncing and stuck the exit carve with ease.

Being a PU board, the ATV is incredibly lightweight and holds the classic surfboard handling with some good flex and a more flowing feel. On the waves, you can really get your weight down for some laid out carves, and the board will hold without spitting you off into the face. Go for some tight turns, and you can undoubtedly get a good release off the lip and a flowing rail to rail ride.

The deck pads are fantastic when coming in for some freestyle tricks; super comfortable, they are also thin enough to maintain the feel of the board. The board performs very well, it has a good pop off the water and sticks to your feet through the trick. The nose can feel slightly long here (as is not a dedicated freestyle board) however will not take long to get used to.


The ATV has been revamped with an improved construction for longevity and performance. Additionally, the new shape has increased user-friendliness in a range of conditions. The board is fun, forgiving and a true all-round surfboard whether you ride in waves or hunting the newest freestyle trick. There will always be space in your quiver for the ATV.

This review was in Issue 80 of IKSURFMAG.

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