DUOTONE Pro Session 5’8 2020 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Pro Session 5’8 2020

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At A Glance

The Pro Session from Duotone is their big wave carving weapon, exceedingly capable in medium to large waves the focus is on hold and drive in the turns. New for 2020 the board now features a 5 fin box setup allowing you to choose between three fins or a quad set up. Footstrap holes mean you can take this out in the really huge waves too. Think Jaws and you get the picture. In essence, there should be nothing this board can’t handle.

The Pro Session uses the Vacuum Epoxy construction featured on all the Pro boards in the range. It’s light, flexible and designed to mirror the feeling of a traditional PVC board as much as possible. You need to treat it with some care and respect - indestructible it isn’t, but the feeling on the water is vastly superior to stiffer more robust construction.

There is a cork shock absorber across the whole top deck, and there are two heel damper areas under the front foot too. Finished with a Technora fibre net the graphics this year are a little bolder than last year. The X marks the spot for your foot placement too - handy. The board comes with new fins and the choice of a Pro Pad, or standard deckpad, or you can just go for traditional wax of course.

On The Water

The Pro Session has been a staple in the Duotone line up for a long time now; it’s a classic surfboard shape that bucks the trend of modern designs. However, it’s packed with modern features and construction to ensure it is as up-to-date as it can be.

Having the option of a quad or thruster setup opens this model up even more. The quad fins offer a bit more speed and drive with more drawn out carves on the wave. The thruster set up tightens up the arc a little and lets you get really vertical on the face. Whatever setup you run with, the grip in the turns is phenomenal on this board, you set the rail, and it delivers plenty of power and speed with no danger of skipping out.

Speed is another key feature of the Pro Session. It can handle a fast running swell with a choppy face with ease, and it instils confidence as you cling on with your toenails. Giving a smooth ride which many riders will love, offering a classic surfboard feeling every step of the way.

The option to add footstraps makes it even more versatile. Yes, we mostly ride strapless, but on those really big days when the white water is the size of a small house, it’s great to be able to strap up and jump over it. If big powerful waves are what you are hunting for, then the Pro Session should be your gun.


Fast, controlled, and with more grip than an F1 car, the Pro Session inspires confidence in every turn. Exceedingly versatile with numerous configurations, it should be your go-to weapon when the swell charts start turning red!


This review was in Issue 78 of IKSURFMAG.

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