DUOTONE Wam SLS 5’7 2021 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Wam SLS 5’7 2021

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At A Glance

The Duotone Wam has been a stalwart in the line up for many years now, it's a trusty all-round shape designed for a range of riders and to suit a variety of waves. It's the Swiss army knife of the line-up, happy in the smaller stuff, but also confident when the conditions get bigger. It will see you through your first days of strapless riding, while equally, it can perform at a level that will excite even the most seasoned of riders.

Performance in all conditions would be a phrase to sum the Wam SLS up. For 2021 the SLS construction is the big news, this features a full Innegra wrap which is designed to reduce dings and heel dents and make the board a lot more durable. In addition to this, there is a cork shock absorber on the deck and heel reinforcements too. While the board is even tougher than last year, it retains the legendary flex characteristics and shaves an average of 100grams off the weight over last years Pro construction.

It's a classic surf shape with a squash thumb tail and thruster set up, that is where the classic ends though. In a modern take, the wide point is pushed forwards, and the rails are designed for endless grip. This design is aimed at providing total control in all conditions.

If you're wondering about the performance credentials, the Wam is the contest board of choice for the likes of Matchu Lopes and Airton Cozzolino when it comes to wave riding. It's got the nod for strapless freestyle too though with the built-in grab rails.

Sizes: 5'3", 5'5", 5'7", 5'9", 5'11"

On The Water

The Wam has always been a stunning board to ride; this year is no different. The traditional shape offers up a classic feel underfoot, there are no surprises here, just pure unabashed performance on every turn, on every wave, every time. It doesn't matter if the waves are weak and mushy, there is always plenty of drive on tap, and when the conditions get bigger the edge hold in the bottom turn is incredible.

It's an easy board to tap into as well, a wide range of riders will get a lot out of the Wam SLS, from a first time strapless rider to a seasoned pro. In a world full of choices the Wam SLS makes things easy, get this board and know that whatever the waves or wind is doing you will have the performance to ensure you have the best session every time.

On the wave it's an effortless board to ride, the bottom turn is so locked in it never skips a beat and you can either sharpen it up for a vertical snap or draw it out for a solid cutback. It's so predictable underfoot it makes it incredibly easy to get on with. It reminds me of fancy dress nights at the windsurfing centres back in the day. "Min eff, max res" was a well-used phrase back then, it meant minimum effort, maximum results, and that sums this board up. It's easy to get on with and helps you to improve your riding without demanding lots of input in return.

If you want to pop some airs, the Wam has you covered as well; the SLS construction is snappy and easy to pop. It's happy at speed too so you can really launch into your tricks and the grab rails make life very easy indeed.


A timeless classic that keeps getting better, like a fine wine, the Wam is to be enjoyed by everyone and on any occasion. Big waves, small waves the performance is always there, mellow riding or chucking buckets it's got your back. Bottom turn with confidence and take your riding to the next level, no matter what that level is.


This review was in Issue 84 of IKSURFMAG.

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