DUOTONE Pro Fish 5’2 2020 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Pro Fish 5’2 2020

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At A Glance

The Pro Fish is a totally new design from Duotone shaper Sky Solbach. Aimed at the rider looking to rip in smaller waves it replaces the Nugget with a far more traditional-looking shape. It’s wide in the nose, with a flat rocker and a squashed fishtail. With a deep central channel and generous tail rocker, it adds a bit of modern flair to a shape that was popularised in the ’70s.

The board uses the Vacuum Epoxy construction featured on all the Pro boards in the range. It’s light, flexible and designed to mirror the feeling of a traditional PVC board as much as possible. You need to treat it with some care and respect - indestructible it isn’t, but the feeling on the water is vastly superior to stiffer more robust construction.

There is a cork shock absorber across the whole top deck, and there are two heel damper areas under the front foot too. Finished with a Technora fibre net the graphics this year are a little bolder than last year. The X marks the spot for your foot placement too - handy. The board comes with new fins and the choice of a Pro Pad, or standard deck pad, or you can just go for traditional wax.

Sizes: 5’2” and 5’5”

On The Water

Wow, this board is a revelation! Totally different to anything currently in the Duotone range it opens up a whole new spectrum of wave riding in the water. In previous years the Nugget was a very capable light wind board, but on the wave, it lacked the dynamics to make it an engaging surfboard.

The Pro Fish gets going early, thanks to the flat rocker and wide front end, but on the wave, it comes alive. It is just so much fun to ride, especially when the waves are lacking power and purpose. In small waves, it’s an incredible stick to throw around, and as it gets bigger, it remains just as engaging.

Once the waves get big, the flat rocker starts to show its limits, but it can still handle some size. The rocker can take a bit of getting used to as it’s easy to bury the nose on your first few turns, but leaning back and being aware of it soon has it under control. On a marginal day, I don’t think there is a board I would rather ride, Sky has outdone himself with this shape. There is so much drive off the back foot, the board generates speed where there is none, and on the wave, you have total control.


An incredibly engaging new stick from Duotone, if you had a two board quiver with this and the Pro Session you’d have everything covered and loads of fun too. Fast, fun and easy to ride (once you get used to the flat rocker) this board will suit a wide range of riders. Great in light winds and marginal conditions, be sure to try one if you get a chance.


This review was in Issue 78 of IKSURFMAG.

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