CrazyFly ATV 6’0 2015 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly ATV 6’0 2015

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At A Glance

The CrazyFly ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is a new surfboard in their 2015 line up. Hailed as a do-it-all wave board for most conditions, it has been designed and developed in waves the world over. An impressively attractive bamboo veneer coats the strong EPS Core. There is the option to have straps on the board, which can be mounted on top of the super grippy EVA footpads. A thicker fibreglass reinforcement has been added under where you stand, to reduce any pressure dings from powered riding. The ATV has the option of either a Quad or Thruster set up, and comes equipped with a full set of Futures Fins for whichever option you choose. The Thruster set up has a looser feel on the water, but when the wind kicks in the Quad fin setup will give insane grip in the gnarliest of waves. The ATV has a baby-swallow tail allowing for quick snappy turns.

On The Water

The 6’0 Crazy Fly ATV arrived on a day with very uninspiring 2-foot onshore mush. Very easy to set up, we opted for the Thruster set up and straps so we could chuck it around and try and make the most of the conditions. We needn't have worried, this thing made even a sloppy crumbling face feel like getting pitted at Chopes… well, we exaggerate slightly, but it certainly made the wave feel more radical than it was. The Thruster set up really allows you to throw the board around and make mistakes without getting chucked off over the front, couple this with the straps for those just starting out, and every lump and bump is something to be smacked. The board gets planning very quickly, even in light winds, and holds speed well. It is on the larger side for a kite surfboard at 6’0, so smaller riders may find they want the smaller 5’10 version which, with a little less size and volume, is a tiny bit more nimble underfoot. This is not to say the 6’ is not, in fact far from it. When riding powered with the Quad fin set up, the ATV grips and drives ferociously through the turns really accelerating you forward to hit that lip or perform that perfect roundhouse cutback.

"A great all rounder that makes small sloppy waves immensely fun!"


We were very impressed with the ATV, it excelled in the multiple setup options available, proving just how versatile it is. An outstanding first kite surfboard, which you would be hard pressed to outgrow. Couple this with cracking looks and finish and you are on to a winner.

This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.


By Robin and Sukie
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