Ten Questions - David Tonijuan Colomer

The Spanish Destroyer has taken down some big names in his short professional career when someone can beat Youri Zoon and Aaron Hadlow you know they are serious!

1 hour ago

Who is Luis Alberto Cruz? Luis Alberto Cruz is the Dominican rider who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere on the top spot on the podium at the World Kiteboard...

2 hours ago | 00:41

These twin tip foils seem to be coming thick and fast, but the holy grail doesn't seem to be in reach yet... What do you think of this one from ieroFoil which...

23 hours ago | 03:26

Can your foil board do this when the wind picks up and you take the foil off? Didn't think so, check out the El Stubbo from Shinn, built to be fun both with a...

2 days ago | 00:44

This looks like a fun place to ride, soft grass to cushion your fall, but also keep the water flatter than a witches t!t, spill the beans Charles, where is thi...

2 days ago | 6:48

Kitesurfing has the ability to really change lives, it gets you hooked in and then you're addicted! Austin Waclo and Danny Barnette got the bug, got good and t...

3 days ago | 3:38

The second iteration of the Hood Jam promises to be one of the juiciest contests of the year. Fresh, new talent and ripe veterans will battle it out in the Slid...


Kitesurfing Travel Guides

We have a wealth of kitesurfing travel guides at your fingertips. Choose your next kiteboarding destination by browsing our interactive map and reading in-depth information on accommodation, wind and weather, the best spots to kitesurf, local kitesurfing schools and recommended restaurants and nightlife for each location. Our kitesurfing travel guides are categorised into continent and countries so you can easily pick where you would like to in the sun.

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Antigua
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Antigua

It’s no secret that Antigua has been a major kiteboarding destination for over a decade now. The island is renown for being the birthplace of kite legends like Andre Phillip and his protégé Jake Kelsick. E...

Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Cape Town
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Cape Town
Cape Town

Frequented by some of the planets top kitesurfers and home to the scintillating Red Bull King of the Air, Blouberg in Cape Town cannot fail to express through action just what an incredible place it is. It is...

South Africa
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Jupiter
Kitesurfing Travel Guides - Jupiter

Jupiter’s Kite Beach is one of the most iconic spots in Florida.  Besides the diverse range of conditions, we have a quaint town that provides kiters with a wide array of entertainment in a small town surf...


Kitesurfing Riders

Browse for your favourite pro kitesurfers in our riders database, with hundreds of pro riders listed all your heroes are right here. Easily find what you are looking for by viewing popular kitesurfers, male kitesurfers or female kitesurfers. Each rider profile gives you a quick overview of the latest posts they have shared from Facebook, information about themselves, related news posts, videos, magazine articles and cover shots they have ever featured in. Get all the latest news and information about your favourite kitesurfers in one easy place.

Kitesurfing Technique

Christian and Karine have been putting together the best kitesurfing technique guides in the business since our very first issue. There are hundreds of different kitesurfing tricks and tips to choose from including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our kitesurfing technique section is easy to navigate and the perfect place to improve your knowledge before you hit the water.

Kitesurfing Technique - Riding Blind
Kitesurfing Technique - Riding Blind
Riding Blind

Depending on your background in other sports, riding blind may mean something to you, or maybe not. In a far less youth cultured world we could well consider merely calling it “riding toe side backwards.”...

Kitesurfing Technique - Raley to Blind with Surface Pass
Kitesurfing Technique - Raley to Blind with Surface Pass
Raley to Blind with Surface Pass

This is a killer combo! As far as non-big air tricks go, landing an unhooked move to blind and surface passing out of it is the shizzle. What’s more, once you can throw it to blind like Andre Phillip, it’s...

Kitesurfing Technique - Melon Grab to Toe Side
Kitesurfing Technique - Melon Grab to Toe Side
Melon Grab to Toe Side

Adding grabs to any move guarantees extra spice and will undoubtedly make it feel even better. There are also times when a quick fix is needed, when you don’t want to be slamming yourself and the mind just i...


Kitesurfing Brands

Find all the kitesurfing brands in our database and quickly view the most popular kitesurfing brands out there today. Each kitesurfing brand profile gives you a quick overview of the latest posts they have shared from Facebook, information about the brand, related news posts, reviews, videos, magazine articles and cover shots they have ever featured in. Get all the latest news and information about your favourite kitesurfing brands in one easy place.

Kitesurfing Reviews

Take a look at all the latest and greatest kitesurfing reviews right here on our site. We've been testing and reviewing the latest kitesurfing equipment for years and our in depth kitesurfing reviews are revered the world over as being honest and up front. Easily find what you are looking for by browsing many categories or use our innovative search feature to find the right reviews you are looking for.

Kitesurfing Reviews - Wainman Hawaii Punch 10.5m 2016
Kitesurfing Reviews - Wainman Hawaii Punch 10.5m 2016
Wainman Hawaii Punch

We tested the Generation 3.0 Gypsy 6.5m last year and have been looking forward to getting our hands on the Punch. Generation 3.0 of the Wainman Hawaii series of kites was long awaited. Unlike other brands Wai...

Kitesurfing Reviews - Manera EXO  2016
Kitesurfing Reviews - Manera EXO  2016
Manera EXO

The EXO harness from Manera burst onto the scene two years ago; it radically changed the way harnesses were made, utilising an exoskeleton to put the frame of the harness on the outside and all the padding on...

Mens Harnesses
Kitesurfing Reviews - North Kiteboarding Pro CSC 5'5 2016
Kitesurfing Reviews - North Kiteboarding Pro CSC 5'5 2016
North Kiteboarding Pro CSC

Last year the Pro CSC was a big change in direction for North as they adopted the Compact Surf Concept, which is what the CSC stands for. For 2016, Sky Solbach has been refining the design and the 5’5” is...


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Issue 56 Sun 12th Jun, 2016

Board and Boot Set Up from Liquid Force


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Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard


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Wetsuit and Harness from Manera


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Ride Engine Harness!


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Prize Pack from TSHOTSH

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Wainman Hawaii ManiaC Kite


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Liquid Force Legacy Board


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Slingshot Vision Board


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Blade Mist Kite and Bar


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2015 Core GTS3 8m Kite and Bar


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Ozone Reo Wave Kite


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Brunotti Board and a Pair of Sunglasses


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Dakine Harness and Travel Bag


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Manera EXO Harness and Goodies!


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North Gonzales Kite Board!


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Best Spark Plug Kite Board


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Kiteloose Fatty Surfboard


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GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition


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CrazyFly Sculp 9m Kite and Sick Bar System


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Kitesurf Holiday Experience with Kirsty Jones


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2013 F-One Bandit 6 9m Kite


Issue 35 Mon 3rd Dec, 2012

Soul Drysuit by Ocean Rodeo


Issue 34 Mon 1st Oct, 2012

2013 Mystic Wetsuit and Harness


Issue 33 Sun 5th Aug, 2012

Wainman Joke Kitesurfing Board


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