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6 years ago

We're always a bit wary of the word extreme, but Forest Bakker definitely goes big in this clip, join him for a surreal session on…

6 years ago

This is what kite movies should be like, amazing edit, great soundtrack and riding that looks sublime. Hats off to Forest Bakker, Alvaro Onieva and…

6 years ago

Some kiting videos are just too random to miss out on and this one from Ride Clash proves the point. Part advert, part medical infomercial…

6 years ago

This video has a rather apt name, there is a good chance you'll go blind if you watch it according to some sections of the…


We here at CLASH are just a group of friends that have shared an immense passion for water sports since childhood. After years of working with other companies in the industry, we realized that they were way more concerned with profits than the product. So, myself and a few others decided to establish a company that would be committed to eliciting feedback directly from the riders so that we could continue to offer them a superior product. A few years later, it became impossible to continue ignoring the fact that the company was no longer representing the values it had initially been founded on, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I took all of my remaining winnings left over from my competitive career and put it towards creating a company that would be fully dedicated to creating the best quality product at the best price possible. We chose to bypass the distributors and retailers and instead develop the product ourselves and sell it directly to riders just like us. So here we are today at last: a company headed by riders like myself who've poured all of our passion into creating the best possible product on the market, just for riders like you. Create a solid hard good brand that not only does make the most competitive product from the factory to the customer at the best prize, also it helps to hundreds of human beings to cover their basic necessities... By Alvaro Onieva Product/Service

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