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Naish Kiteboarding Boxer 2023

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The 2023 Boxer is their premier one-strut kite, designed to be lightweight, highly durable, and responsive. This year, they have made improvements to the smaller sizes of the kite, focusing on enhancing turning speed for foiling purposes. These kites now sit deeper in the window, providing a more solid feel while foiling. They have also optimized the panel count by size, ensuring that all kites in the range have a similar feel. This achieves the perfect balance of structure and weight for each size.

They have also redesigned the Dacron layout to reduce weight. Along with their new lightweight and streamlined TLS 500 bridle lines, the Boxer now performs better than ever in light air conditions. The extensive size range from 2.8-16 m makes the Boxer the most versatile kite in the Naish lineup. The larger sizes are excellent options for twin-tips in light winds, the middle sizes are ideal for all-around light wind riding (surfboard, foil, twin-tip), and the smaller sizes excel at kite foiling. One aspect that is often overlooked by most riders is that the Boxer shines in light wind and down-the-line wave riding, thanks to its lightweight single luff strut design, allowing for exceptional drift. Whether you want to enjoy regular/marginal winds or take your foiling to the next level, the Boxer is the most efficient kite in the lineup.

The Boxer offers a one point inflation system for quick and easy inflation and deflation. The luff strut provides a versatile framework for improved low-end power. Their new Boxer bridle system is constructed from high-quality, streamlined TLS500 flying lines, significantly reducing drag both through the air and water, aiding in relaunch. The new wingtip construction is 30% stronger, lighter, and requires less Dacron. The extended canopy all the way to the Leading Edge enhances the kite's performance and provides a more streamlined appearance, resulting in more direct turning.

The 2-ply QuadTex construction of the trailing edge offers a tighter canopy and increased durability. The Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric used in the canopy is exceptionally durable, ensuring high performance even in harsh conditions. To protect the kite from wear and tear during launch and landing, they provide wear patches. The distribution of kite tension creates a more powerful and well-balanced kite. The molded strut ends offer additional reinforcement to protect the struts. The evolved profile along the wingspan allows the center sections to generate power, while the flatter tips minimize drag, enabling faster turning. Reinforced leading edge seams provide protection and reinforcement. With high-tenacity thread strengthening the leading edge seam, you can confidently inflate the kite to a higher pressure, enhancing its flying performance.

In summary, the 2023 Boxer is their top-of-the-line one-strut kite. It is designed to be lightweight, durable, and highly responsive. The improvements made to the smaller sizes of the kite enhance turning speed for foiling. The optimized panel count provides a consistent feel across all sizes. The redesigned Dacron layout keeps the weight down, and the new lightweight streamline TLS 500 bridle lines improve its performance in light air. With a broad size range, the Boxer offers versatility for various riding styles, including twin-tip options for light winds, all-around light wind riding, and exceptional performance in kite foiling. Its lightweight single luff strut design makes it a standout for light wind and down-the-line wave riding, providing excellent drift. The Boxer also incorporates various features such as one point inflation, luff strut, Boxer bridle system, reinforced wingtip construction, QuadTex canopy, wear patches, kite tension distribution, molded strut ends, evolved profile, reinforced leading edge seams, and high-tenacity thread to enhance its overall performance, strength, and durability.


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