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The Neo SLS, which stands for Strong Light Superior, is a gear that empowers riders to push their limits and strive for peak performance without compromise. In 2024, there are further enhancements to the Neo SLS, making it handle better and provide smoother turns. It offers the ultimate balance between performance and power in a wave kite.

The new Neo SLS builds on the success of previous years and improves the rider experience. The kite features Hybrid Flex Struts, which are now straighter and have a wider, squarer wing tip shape. These enhancements improve the handling of the kite, resulting in smoother navigation, faster steering, and a shorter depower stroke for instant power dumping. The precisely tuned ratio of Penta TX and STW70, adjusted to each size, controls the Hybrid Flex Struts. As the kite size increases, the percentage of flex material in the tip struts decreases. The new wing tips also open up and flex when under pressure from the backlines, allowing for a quick and immediate initiation into turns. The Neo SLS maintains its legendary wind range, providing low-end power for various conditions and allowing riders to stay on the water longer.

The Neo SLS features a construction with Penta TX and Trinity TX materials. This combination of lightweight and durable materials reduces the weight of the kite, improving its drifting capabilities. Riders can execute moves effortlessly on the wave without worrying about the kite. Even when depowered with the bar pushed away, the Neo SLS maintains dynamic handling and steering, ensuring full control during wave riding. The kite's responsiveness remains unchanged, delivering a seamless experience throughout the session. The Neo SLS offers multiple settings on the tips, allowing riders to tailor the kite's performance to specific conditions. Whether it's strapless freestyle or wave riding, the kite can be set for maximum pop and powerful loops or maximum drift and rapid turning speed.

The Neo SLS sets a standard for wave riding performance, and the enhanced performance takes it to new levels on the waves and in the air.

In addition to the above features, the kite incorporates various design elements for improved durability and performance. TRINITY TX, a 3x2 canopy material exclusive to Duotone Kiteboarding, proves to be superior in terms of durability and dynamic performance. Load-Distribution-Panels spread forces and maintain the kite's shape under extreme loads, resulting in consistent performance in any riding situation. The kite also has pigtails to distribute the load of line connections, minimizing fatigue and improving steering. Kook-proof line connection points prevent accidents by ensuring lines are correctly connected. The narrower trailing edge and lighter combination of materials reduce wear and create a slicker kite profile.

With a focus on sportiness, precision, and crisp feel, the kite utilizes Penta TX, which is lighter and has five times higher tear resistance than standard Dacron. It provides precise and reliable steering, especially in strong wind conditions. The heavy duty closing seam at the leading edges improves durability and resistance to high tensions and diagonal forces. The Hybrid Flex Strut offers exceptional performance and refined handling, with faster and more dynamic turning. Anti Snag webbing prevents lines from tangling around the kite's tips, improving waterstarts and safety.

Overall, the Neo SLS is a high-performance kite that combines durability, precision, and enhanced handling to take wave riding to new heights.

- The Neo SLS is a high-performance kite designed for wave riding.
- It features enhancements such as Hybrid Flex Struts for improved handling and faster turns.
- The construction with Penta TX and Trinity TX materials ensures lightweight and durable performance.
- Various design elements like Load-Distribution-Panels and kook-proof line connection points enhance the kite's durability and usability.
- The kite incorporates features like a narrower trailing edge, heavy duty closing seam, and Anti Snag webbing for better performance and safety.
- Ultimately, the Neo SLS sets new standards for wave riding performance with its exceptional handling and versatility.

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