F-ONE Kiteboarding WTF?! Lite Tech Girl 136 x 41cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding WTF?! Lite Tech Girl 136 x 41cm 2019

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At A Glance

Water sport giants F-One have created an entire line up of boards specifically designed for women in conjunction with their elite team. The range features three boards and spans from your first board right through to a world tour capable freestyle machine.

Recently we have been using the top end WTF!? Girl board which though similar to its male equivalent holds some key differences.

The WTF!? Girl is an all-out new school freestyle board. Designed to be ridden hard and fast, it is a no compromise board for those who demand only the best.

The usual high spec you would expect from F-One is in play: Paulownia wood core, ABS rails, glass fibre layers and their Uni Box fin system. The base of the board features a stepped double concave for maximum water displacement, and the lifted tip channels give the extra kick on take off and stability on landings.

The girl's version of the WTF!? Lite Tech has had its volume reduced and also flex increased. Not only is this important for helping women pull tricks as they are often lighter than men, but it is crucial for the entire riding experience. Too big and stiff a board will create bad habits and poor technique, which not only leads to poor execution of tricks but also can cause injuries. Yes, a board is a board is a board, but for those who are choosing a high-end board to perform high-end tricks getting a board which ‘fits’ is vital.

Size: 136 x 41cm.

“Produces monstrous pop with minimal effort.”

On The Water

This is an all-out freestyle board and not too dissimilar from its brother the WTF!?, however, once dialled back in we found subtle differences which made a positive impact on our riding experience.

On the water the board flies, a flatter midsection allows it to pick up speed quickly and the aggressive rail line slices through the water. Upwind is good, and it feels insanely lively underfoot. This is not a cruiser, but rather a board which will push you to be the best you can be.

A relatively stiff board (though softer than the WTF!? Lite Tech), the WTF!? Girl will work with straps for those more aggressive riders, but we would recommend riding in boots to get the most out of it.

Heading into tricks the board has impressive speed and some last second acceleration adds masses of amplitude to your tricks. You can feel the increased tip flex come into play on take off, and there is a noticeable ‘spring’ off the water.

The reduced weight results in a lower swing weight so you don’t get that horrible feeling of your board leading which can often happen when you have a heavy board.

Landings are silky smooth, and the double concave certainly helps keep you stable on those slightly less than perfect landings.

We found in pretty much all conditions the WTF!? Girl performed. Even in choppy water, the board worked well; the faster speed was important for cutting through and above the chop on take off. There was a slight bit of spray but nothing too drastic in these conditions.


A superb freestyle option for women who are looking attain their top freestyle performance. The WTF!? Lite Tech Girl has all the high-end build quality and features you would expect and is wrapped in a beautiful subtle graphics. The board likes to be ridden hard and fast and produces monstrous pop with minimal effort. Smooth, easy landings and comfortable riding in all conditions come as standard with this board.


This review was in Issue 74 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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