F-ONE Kiteboarding Trax ESL Girl 133 x 38cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Trax ESL Girl 133 x 38cm 2019

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At A Glance

Another women's only board from the F-ONE stable is the TRAX ESL Girl. Designed for riders who want an all-round board, this freeride board is all about having fun on the water, no matter your level or the conditions of the day.

The Trax ESL Girl features the same top spec as the higher performing boards in the lineup. The wood core has been designed for ultra-responsive properties with the flex increasing towards the tips for comfort and pop. There is a double concave step design in the base of the board, which enables maximum water flow for maximum grip, and the lifted tip channels provide performance during pop and landings.

A beautiful pink colour, this performance freeride board houses the technology to suit a huge variety of female kitesurfers.

Sizes: 132 x 37, 133 x 38cm

"The board loads up well for jumps and absorbs landings the other side."

On The Water

The TRAX ESL Girl is initially a lot smaller than the boards we have been riding lately, however after the first couple of runs we adjusted to the size and felt right at home. A smooth cruising feel, we immediately felt comfortable on this board and enjoyed the feedback through the board at all times.

Yes, it is a small size, but the board gets planning early and thanks to the flat midsection of the board it flies upwind with ease while the tips cut through any lumps of chop. There is a small amount of spray coming off the board when riding with a bit more speed, but by keeping your weight slightly further back, you can counter this.

It does feel slightly stiff underfoot compared to some all-round boards out there, however flex is a personal preference and the added pop you get from the board is a good pay off we think.

The TRAX ESL Girl is very manoeuvrable in the water, whether that is to put it in front of you for a board start, or even switching from heel to toe side on the face of a wave, the board will pivot quickly with no fuss.

The board loads up well for jumps and absorbs landings the other side. The more flexible tips are felt here with a smooth take off and landing. We found this board brilliant for old school moves and the lighter weight of it allowed us to throw it around.

Unhooked the board is good, however, unless you are tiny, you may find you need something slightly bigger if this is an avenue you are going to pursue primarily.


A fun board from F-ONE for a huge variety of riders. We enjoyed the ease of use and versatility through a range of conditions and disciplines. Though small in size, it gets planning earlier, turns on a sixpence and is great fun to throw around in the air with big boosts and spins. Manoeuvrable and controllable in all conditions and wind strengths, the TRAX ESL Girl is a fantastic board for a huge number of women who kitesurf today.


This review was in Issue 75 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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