CrazyFly Raptor Ltd 132 x 41cm 2011 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Raptor Ltd 132 x 41cm 2011

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At a Glance

Getting this board out of the box caused quite a stir. We are used to seeing lots of lovely carbon from the crew at Crazy fly but the Raptor Ltd really got us excited. The Nano tech carbon weave has a top sheet laminated to it which features a 3-D cube like design that just looks awesome. Add to that the usual high standard of straps, pads and fins and you have a great looking package. Pick it up and you’ll notice the weight, this board is light, 2.5kilos to be precise, which is nothing really. The shape features a deep double concave with swallow tips and a medium rocker. New for this year Crazy Fly have integrated Flex Tips into their design, these are designed to really launch you into the stratosphere when you pop and make landings smoother.

On the Water

The first thing you’ll notice about the Raptor Ltd when you ride it is the increased performance in choppy conditions. The double concave really smoothes out the ride and even in the lumpiest of water the board feels supple underfoot. Top end speed is equally impressive, the thin profile and medium rocker combining to allow you to really get the speed going. Dig that edge in for some pop and prepare to be stunned, when powered and loaded it’s like having a cooled spring underfoot! The 41cm wide mid section and flex tips then combine to make landings easy, that double concave comes into play again to ensure you break the surface tension smoothly and nail those tricks.


Awesome looking lightweight high performance well built pop machine. Can we fit any more superlatives into one sentence? Probably but that’s enough for now!


No complaints from us, great in the rough and the flat, blistering performance and a simple beauty that will appeal to most. Bear in mind this is a high end board and not for beginners, if you have the skills then this board will make you smile.


Crazy Fly have always been good at making great boards, and the Raptor Ltd is no exception. If you want a good looking high performance kiteboard that will excite you on the water look no further.

This review was in Issue 27 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit CrazyFly


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