Odo Kiteboarding Compact Pro Series 5’2 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Odo Kiteboarding Compact Pro Series 5’2 2019

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At A Glance

With a huge boom in strapless freestyle over the recent years it’s no surprise that we are seeing many new additions to this market. Odo Kiteboarding is a relatively new brand so to speak (2014 onwards), however they have a great line up of goodies already. We recently got our hands on some crackers to put through their paces.

We headed out first of all on the Compact Pro Series 5’2” surfboard. This offering from Odo Kiteboarding is a square nosed surfboard with a Thruster set up, Carbon stringers, grab rail and a Donkey Back deck. Targeting the strapless freestyle market this list of features is set to make it a great contender. The epoxy board arrived looking robust and ready to handle many a session.

The Compact Pro Series comes in 2 sizes, complete with full deck pad and FCS II fins.

Sizes: 5’0”, 5’2”

“explosive pop and direct response”

On The Water

Immediately upon getting on this board it’s apparent just how comfortable it seems underfoot and how well connected with the board you feel, due to the Donkey Back deck. This also allows you to push that little bit harder on the edge for upwind riding. Whether you ride with a full deck pad or wax is very much a personal preference, I personally like a deck pad, but some love to use super sticky wax instead.

The Compact Pro Series is easily ridden upwind, with plenty of grip and drive off the fins. The board itself is very smooth underfoot, boasting a generous amount of speed also. Chop is soaked up effortlessly.

Rail-to-rail transfer of the board is very smooth and carving from heel to toe is very progressive, however the Compact Pro Series and its Thruster set up has tons of grip through the turns. The board can really be thrown about and handles quick snaps and cutbacks well.

Moving onto the key element of this board: the strapless freestyle. The Compact Pro Series was insanely good fun, the board is light underfoot, it pops insanely well and the grab rail is a much-welcomed addition. The board is easy to hold underfoot due with the Donkey Back deck once again having a positive effect. Landings on the Compact Pro Series are well absorbed and the addition of the strengthening Structural Beam means it’s going to make it through those heavier landings too!

The Compact Pro Series handles small to moderate sized waves well, but is most definitely a freestyle weapon. For those wanting more of a big wave, down the line ride check out Odo’s Classic Pro Series board.


The Odo Kiteboarding Compact Pro Series is a fantastic board, we really enjoyed riding it and it just goes to show that it’s not only the established names out there producing top kitesurfing gear. Odo Kiteboarding surfboard line up is certainly worth checking out! The Compact Pro series is robust, lightweight, comfortable to ride and combined with its explosive pop and direct response make it an excellent choice for those wanting to take up strapless freestyle.

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This review was in Issue 72 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Odo Kiteboarding

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