Odo Kiteboarding YO 9m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Odo Kiteboarding YO 9m 2019

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At A Glance

Odo Kiteboarding started in 2014; they set out as a group of wave riders aiming to develop new products for the strapless market. We recently got our hands on their YO kite.

The YO is a 3-strut medium aspect kite aimed at excelling in the wave, strapless freestyle and freeride markets. The YO is packed with technology and construction features like C3 Ripstop, TE Reinftech, low windage bridles and more. All of these design features are aimed at bringing us a smooth, easy to use, predictable and stable kite.

Upon first inspection I noticed that the C3 Ripstop felt a little softer than usual canopies and was worried this may wear differently or have issues with UV, however upon finding out more about this material it comes with a PFOA-free water repellency coating, which is aimed at giving a better UV degradation, increased durability and increased performance.

The YO comes in 9 sizes, 3 colorways and is compatible with the Odo Kiteboarding Quick Vario control system.

Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12m

The Bar

Odo Kiteboarding keep it simple with one control system: the Quick Vario. This comes in one size that’s variable between 53 and 46cm. The bar features a rope centerline, clam cleat depower system, centre line adjuster, and comes with 22m + 3m lines. There is the option to choose either a freeride chicken loop or a more wave specific chicken loop. We opted for the all-round freeride loop option.

The bar itself is very clean and simple to use. Simplicity is always a strong point for me on a bar, no need for anything too jazzy in my opinion. The grip is comfortable and the integrated bar floats are again clean and stylish.

The Quick Vario bar size adjustment is easy to use and works well. Obviously, this doesn’t change the actual size of the bar in your hands, but does slow down the smaller sized kites as needed.
The depower range is large and the clam cleat system functions well as you would expect. The ability to adjust the center line length is a great addition welcomed by smaller riders out there.

The Compact QR safety release is clean and tidy featuring a swivel that functions well. The release is easy to eject and can be put back together simply too. The bar has been well-thought-out with some metal parts using titanium rather than steel to decrease the bars weight.

“a solid performer”

In The Air

Getting the YO into the air it became apparent how stable this kite is. In lighter winds the kite remains solid overhead and in stronger gustier winds the kite remains stable even when the gusts become extremely holey.

The YO is very predictable and boasts a direct feedback through the bar as well as a moderate amount of bar pressure. Therefore it’s very intuitive knowing where the kite is, and making it not only reliable for those top-level riders but those starting out too.

The YO boasts a good depower range with a further great range available on the trim clam cleat. The kite remains controllable at all points throughout this range. The kite handles well out in the waves when dumping power is paramount, power can be quickly turned back on thanks to the YO’s quick response.

The YO is fast through the sky, the turning is light on the bar and the turns are pivotal and provide progressive amounts of pull. Loops on the YO are very predictable with a steady pull. Great for entry-level kite loops, and ideal for looping out on a strapless surfboard. The kite also remains stable when riding down the line in the waves, maintaining position and “drifting” well.

The power this kite generates is ample, with a decent amount of guts in lower winds and the YO remains easy to control even in strong gusty conditions. The kite boasts plenty of upwind performance.

Jumping and pop on the YO is again smooth, steady and reassuring. You always have a sense of security with this kite and you can send it knowing it’s going to give you not only a great about of lift and pop off the water, but it will always remain controllable and stable above head.

Upon ditching the YO in light conditions in the waves I was super stoked to have it relaunch easily and get me out of a tight spot. We’ve had some decent winter swell of late and I didn’t fancy a swim in that’s for sure.


A stable, responsive and predictable, easy-to-use kite that boasts performance and light wind capabilities.


Nothing we could find against this kite!


Odo Kiteboarding have hit the market with a cracker here. The YO is a solid performer. It’s stable, easy to use, has tons of depower and its rapid turns and floaty lift makes it a brilliant choice for anyone from entry level freeriders through to the wave masters out there. The construction has been well-thought-out and it looks ready to endure many a session out in the waves.


This review was in Issue 72 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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