The Hood Jam was hit with wildly variable wind throughout day five of the competition. But still, the contest went on. Each rider in the competition had three attempts at the left-foot-forward kicker, finishing round one, and then the men’s final round started with the sliders. Continue reading the report below, provided by the Slider Project.

Although today’s forecast looked promising, an unexpected shift in the wind direction made conditions gusty and variable at the Slider Project park for today’s competition. With only the left foot kicker hits remaining to finish the semi-final round for both the men’s and women’s divisions, the competition moved forward despite the less than favorable wind quality.

It was a true test of consistency to see who could excel in the challenging conditions. In men’s heat 1, points leaders Brandon Scheid and Ewan Jaspan held on to their leads both earning themselves an 8.0 for their hits and moving into the finals seeded first and second. Also from heat 1, it was local Rich Sabo who scored just above Pierre Vogel to earn himself the third spot in the finals.

Men’s heat 2 stayed tight amongst the top three riders with Sam Light, Noe Font and Craig Cunningham all passing through into the final round. In men’s heat 3, Christophe Tack held on to his lead to move into the finals with Eric Rienstra in second and Sam Medysky in third.

Just after the men’s left foot kicker hits, the women followed suit, completing their semi-final round with Sensi Graves qualifying first into the finals followed by Colleen Carroll, Karolina Winkowska, Annelous Lammerts and Lindsay McClure.

The competition continued straight into the finals, starting with the top nine men taking their final hits of the event on the Cabrinha transfer box and the North Kiteboarding up-down. As the day went on, the wind quality continued to deteriorate and after completing the men’s hits on the North Kiteboarding up-down, the competition was called for the day with hope to finish the competition in better winds tomorrow.

Showcasing his technicality and smooth style despite the challenging conditions, Craig Cunningham finished the day as the men’s leader, followed closely by Ewan Jaspan, Sam Light, Noe Font, Eric Rienstra, Brandon Scheid, Sam Medysky and Rich Sabo. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for the exciting final heats of both the men’s and women’s competitions.

The Slider Project

Wed 10th Aug, 2016 @ 9:00 pm

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