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2 months ago

Alex Lewis-Hughes checks in with Noe on the park build pre KPL Brazil World Championship stop 2023.

6 months ago

Watch the KPL Championship Tour 2023 recap vid right here! The awards ceremony and closing party hosted by the DPC (Duotone Pro Center) kicked off…

8 months ago

The Kite Park League is back in action, and the first event of this calendar year happened in February in Argentinian Patagonia. Park rider Ramiro…

12 months ago

Ready for this one? Rienstra does it all but isn’t content with kiteboarding on normal water – He’s always on the hunt for FEATURES! Kite…

12 months ago

The first few times Eric Rienstra and crew did this downwinder, they had to scout out the routes without knowing if they had an outlet.…

1 year ago

Ready for this one? Rienstra does it all, but isn't content with kiteboarding on normal water - He's always on the hunt for FEATURES! Kite parks,…

1 year ago

During a rare easterly wind gusting 48mph, Sam Light heads to Hood River to visit Slingshot & Ride Engine's toy department to grab some kit…

1 year ago

The dust has settled, and the 2022 Kite Park League Team Battle is complete, and with it comes a new standard for competitive park riding.…

3 years ago

Eric Rienstra is on a tear during the CORE Kites USA demo tour! Check out his Crandon Park, Miami session in this clip...