Sroka Ouesk 10.5m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Sroka Ouesk 10.5m 2017

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At A Glance

Sroka have become well known on the kitesurfing scene with their excellent foil board, and we were incredibly excited to learn that twintips and the Ouesk kite are now also part of the line up.

The Ouesk is Srokas first kite offering and they have done a cracking job.

Featuring 3 struts, a pullyless bridle system and a hybrid shape, the Ouesk has been designed as your do it all kite.

The kite has an effective one-pump system and a larger size inflate valve to ensure rapid setup and pack down. There is sound reinforcement in key areas and solid construction throughout.
Sizes: 7,9,10.5 meters

The Bar

The Ouesk bar itself has a very comfy padded grip, with finger ridges to make everything that little bit more pleasant. A solid insert in the centre of the bar allows the PVC covered centre line to slide freely. Integrated bar ends keep the bar tidy and feeling solid.

The moulded chicken loop works very well with an effective and reliable push-away release that is also simple to reload.

The above-the-bar depower cleat system is very tidy and well thought out, offering sound and simple depower when required.

The bar is very similar to some of the others on the market, a tried and tested design that feels familiar and works well, with proven and durable components.

In The Air

The Ouesk from the outset is powerful and stable. Even with the kite sat at 12 o’clock there is solid feedback through your harness and also the bar.

Jumping onto your board the kite powers off well, really driving through the window. In fact we were impressed by just how much low end power the Ouesk has. It tracks upwind well, and an even greater angle can be achieved by pulling your depower in slightly to encourage the kite further round the window.

The Ouesk has a solid bar pressure, so you are always aware of the position of your kite without even having to look; something very useful for those in their first few seasons who this kite would work well for.

It pulls well floating you up and along...

When powering up the kite there is not an immediate surge of power, rather the kite will slow down creating more power through drag. The cleat depower system works well and the range of the kite seems to be huge.

Jumping with the Ouesk is great fun. It pulls well floating you up and along before slowing bringing you down. Very forgiving and allowing for some mistakes with the timings, it will still perform well rather than dropping you out of the sky like a sack of sh!t.

Looping was surprisingly pleasant, it provides a solid loop with power and is excellent to build confidence and keep you practicing all day.

We had a blast in the waves with the Ouesk and really enjoyed the solid pull and nippy turning on offer at all times. The kite also drifted down the line very well indeed.
Relaunching is a piece of cake, the kite just drifts around waiting for you to begin again.

Freestyle, specifically unhooked is good fun. The kite stays solid and stable allowing you to concentrate on your moves. Not a dedicated freestyle kite, but a great power source for learning your first few moves.


Solid all-round performance with a powerful low end.


When powering up the kite there isn’t a massive surge of power when sheeting in, however this could be an asset to those just getting to grips and improving on their kite skills.


This is a really great first offering from Sroka and is definitely not to be ignored. Suiting those just out of lessons to those who want a decent all-rounder, the Ouesk is a solid choice.


This review was in Issue 60 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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