Blade Kiteboarding Tiny Beast 6m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Blade Kiteboarding Tiny Beast 6m 2017

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At A Glance

Blade’s Tiny Beast is a three strut, all-round kite which has been designed specifically for smaller riders in lighter winds rather than just a small kite which still needs some solid wind to fly.
The kite features the same top spec technology we have become accustomed to with Blade.
The kite itself is made from the super high-quality Teijin Techno Force, which Blade have used for over six years in their kites. The Leading Edge has been made with Teijin Dacron, which adds rigidity to key areas and again is an incredibly high-quality material which will add longevity to your kite.

The shape of the kite is relatively delta-esq with larger tips to aid performance and stability in light winds. A Max Flow inflation system is also present so the young ripper can get out on the water in super fast time!

Size: 6 meter

The Bar

The Tiny Beast is flown with Blades Uni2 Control Bar, which can be changed in size (44-52CM) to make it more appropriate for smaller kites and smaller arms. The Uni2 Control Bar has had an upgrade this year, though looking very similar there are some great improvements.

The bar is made out of a single piece of aluminium and coated in a robust and comfortable EVA grip pad. The 2nd generation Uni Control Bar offers excellent safety with its simple push away release and simple front line re-ride. The centre lines move freely through the middle of the bar, and the chicken loop locks into the bar for those unhooked moves allowing you to quickly hook back in on landing.

Some new features include the ability to alter the length of the centre lines. This intuitive design is perfect for those with shorter arms, or for those who want to customise their gear to their own liking. The swivel has also been beefed up ensuring lines always unspin, and the stopper ball is incredibly effective should you wish to practice those deadmen at all!

In The Air

The Tiny Beast is a polished bit of kit. It flies incredibly well in light winds, something not often found on three strut kites of this size. The super skinny leading edge and struts certainly help here. Even in the lighter winds, there is constant feedback through the bar when the kite is at the edge of the wind window.

The Tiny Beast has a quick turn and is incredibly nimble in the sky, something our young testers really enjoyed. Though as adults a fast 6-meter kite can be too much, for younger riders with their quick reactions a faster kite can be much more enjoyable.
Into the water and the kite is incredibly stable through the air, with a large amount of depower on the bar, allowing for easy walking to the water's edge without fear of flying away!

“It will take a good while for a younger rider to outgrow the Tiny Beast.”

Once riding, the Tiny Beast is controllable and produces a considerable amount of power for such a small kite. The speed of the kite generates fantastic apparent wind to really get you screaming along. Upwind is easy, and the kite has very much a park and ride attitude once you are up to speed; great for concentrating on your own riding rather than worrying about the kite.

For those slightly more advanced riders, the jumping potential of this kite is fantastic, and it will provide some impressive height and hang time in the right hands. The Tiny Beast will also allow for some mistakes with its forgiving nature. Relaunching is of course super important for young kiters, the Tiny Beast does not disappoint with an easy and pain-free relaunch experience.

For some unhooking action, the Tiny Beast behaves very similarly to its big brother the Trigger. Great solid pull which won't rip your arms out but powers forwards well and has a very dependable feeling. Great for youngsters who are progressing through the tricks and are not quite ready for a higher performing kite just yet.


Great all round feeling with exceptional stability and performance in light winds.


We did have a couple of the One Pump tubes pop off so do just make sure they are all tightly fastened before use.


We have really enjoyed the Tiny Beast; its stable and forgiving but also has some great performance too. It will take a good while for a younger rider to outgrow the Tiny Beast.


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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