Blade Kiteboarding Trigger 9m 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Blade Kiteboarding Trigger 9m 2016

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At A Glance

The Blade Trigger is back for round 8, with what promises to be an even slicker package than before. The Trigger is a three strut, mid aspect kite, designed to be able to handle anything you throw at it. The construction on the Trigger is second to none, with the introduction of some beefy moulded LE guards should you wipeout in the shallows or on the beach.

There are some well thought out extras such as taped leading edge seams to ensure the longevity of the kite, and also, 25% more Insignia Tape around delicate LE areas, taking away all the worry of slamming your kite on trick attempts.

New for 2016 is the very welcome Blade Max Flow Inflation system, coupled with the frankly wonderful XL pump supplied means you will be on the water in no time with almost no energy exerted. If you are unsure about kite size for yourself, the Blade website has an excellent interactive table which can aid you with choice based on weight and wind strength, as well as some fun facts about each kite.

Sizes: 5m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m

The Bar

The UniBar was launched last year and is one of the best kite bars on the market right now. It features a quick-release that is compact, neat and simple and, above all, very easy to release and reconnect. The trim for the kite is looked after by an above-the-bar cleat system. There is a swivel for the front lines and the set up uses high-quality Teufelberger FL series lines. These lines have a much better stretch resistance without being any thicker than normal lines. At the heart of the bar is a solid billet of aluminium to ensure stiffness and this is wrapped in a special nylon shell to give the bar its shape, and finally wrapped in a soft EVA grip.

In The Air

The first thing you will notice about the Trigger is the very soft bar pressure, which is a pleasure for both learning and seasoned riders. The kite sits perfectly balanced allowing you to sort yourself out in those initial moments. Once riding, a quick dive of the kite and off you shoot, but in a rather relaxed fashion, perfect for those just getting into the riding game who don't want to be launched face first back to the car park.

The Trigger has a very smooth power delivery, riding upwind is easy, likewise downwind is no issue with the kite merely leading the way.
Crashing the Trigger is somewhat of a game, in that I just could not get it to stay down! The relaunch is the fastest we have come across so far, by the time you look up your kite is just bouncing gently at the edge of the window waiting for you to get back to it.

"Jumping, or rather flying, is astronomically fun with the Trigger."

Jumping, or rather flying, is astronomically fun with the Trigger. Being mid aspect, it won't shoot you like a rocket, but you do float and glide, and then float some more, all the while feeling pleased as punch you are doing more spins and board offs than all your mates. What's more, this jumping ability is effortless, mess up the timings slightly and you just won't float as much, but you'll still get a decent air. The Trigger is truly fantastic for learning to boost, but it's also great for just hanging out in the sky.

Unhooked freestyle is good. The Trigger is not a freestyle focussed kite, but will happily get you going with your first few moves, again in that very confidence-inspiring way of not smashing you should you mess up.
The Trigger also features a specific wave riding setting on the bridle. In the waves the Trigger is great fun, really drifting with you, and the snappy turning keeping you in the sweet spot.

Once the wind picks up, the trim system works very well and the kite still flies beautifully - your jumps may just get bigger and floatier! What is good here, is that you don’t feel unsafe. The Trigger keeps its chilled feeling, even in those punchy gusts.

The Trigger is a true confidence giver, great for those who are starting out or for anyone who just wants to concentrate on the boarding side of kiteboarding.


Fantastic build quality means this kite will last; there are reinforcements in all the right places and it should see you through a good few seasons! The riding experience on this kite is summed up by the word FUN. It will get you going quickly and easily, immense jumping ability, super smooth in the waves and a relaunch that everyone is after.


It was hard to find anything we would do differently with the Trigger.


The Trigger just inspires confidence, from the moment you launch it with its light and nimble bar pressure, to the almost uncanny auto relaunch. Jumps are easy and rewarding, with wave riding becoming a breeze. Suiting a vast majority of riders, the Trigger is a solid player in the do-it-all kite game.


This review was in Issue 56 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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