F-ONE Kiteboarding Wtf?! V2 2023 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Wtf?! V2 2023

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The F-ONE WTF?! is an exceptional 5 strut C kite specifically created for freestyle kiteboarding.

The C-Shape has always been the top choice for producing a kite that is easy to control and offers dynamic performance. This design is particularly effective for maximizing handling during intense moments, such as building up speed for popped unhooked tricks and kite loops. The kite features a five-strut design, ensuring a stable profile that instills confidence in riders at all times. In order to enhance control, optimize power, and facilitate quick relaunch with minimal effort, a 5th line has been added.

The kite delivers a tremendous pop and is followed by a sudden slack, providing ample time for riders to perform multiple passes. The WTF?! swiftly pulls you out of your trick with speed and stability. To reduce the heavy sensation on the bar while maintaining excellent feedback, the profile of the kite has been improved from previous editions. Additionally, the kite moves more efficiently within the window and generates increased speed in the lower wind range.

Each size of the WTF?! has been individually designed to cater to specific conditions. The larger sizes offer more power and early planing capabilities, while the smaller sizes prioritize a high top-end wind range. This means that regardless of the size chosen, everything has been carefully engineered to optimize performance based on the prevailing conditions.

The WTF?! is available in sizes ranging from 8m to 13m, allowing riders to create their perfect quiver without any compromises. These kites are highly tunable, enabling riders to customize the flying characteristics to suit their individual riding style. There are three tuning options available for the front lines, allowing for adjustments based on skill level, riding style, and the conditions of the day. Additionally, three rear line tuning options offer the ability to fine-tune bar feel and handling.

The Force Frame incorporates a solid Dacron structure that optimizes durability without adding any additional weight. TEIJIN's TECHNOFORCEā„¢, a reliable high-density polyester fabric known for its tear-stopping structure utilizing thin and high tension yarn, ensures exceptional durability. This fabric has a proven track record of being lightweight and long-lasting.

The reactor inflation valve offers a high flow connection that easily twists and locks the pump hose to the kite, ensuring quick and effortless inflation and deflation at the push of a button. This valve provides a high air flow rate between the struts and leading edge.

To enhance the strength and resistance of the canopy, the panels are now both glued and sewn together. The internal outline of the trailing edge panels features a series of arches instead of a linear shape. In the center, a double layer of canopy fabric has replaced DACRON, resulting in improved tension spreading, profile maintenance, stability, and overall performance.

The kite's struts are vertically cut to optimize the strength-to-diameter ratio. The leading edge tips have reduced diameter and streamlined design to minimize drag, and they are equipped with a strap to prevent bridle tangling.

Regarding bar pressure and turning speed, the front setting offers more bar pressure and slower turning, while the back setting provides lighter bar pressure and faster turning.

For power and slack adjustment, the high setting offers more slack and less power, while the low setting offers more power and less slack.

With a user-friendly design, the WTF?! makes it easier to remove and put back, making bladder replacement a convenient process.


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