F-ONE Kiteboarding Bullit V.2 2023 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Bullit V.2 2023

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The BULLIT V.2 is the ideal kite for adrenaline junkies seeking an exhilarating experience. Designed for strong wind enthusiasts and experts in Big Air, this megaloop machine will provide you with the fix you're looking for. With the addition of five struts, the BULLIT V.2 becomes the ultimate weapon for launching off natural kickers and committing to massive overpowered airs with complete confidence.

Experience the thrill of the most committed loops with the BULLIT V.2. Its rotation in the lower part of the window pulls you horizontally, delivering an electrifying sensation. The kite turns and ascends rapidly, allowing you to catch it in time for a soft landing.

The bar feel of the BULLIT V.2 is ultra-precise and reasonably firm, providing reassurance throughout your maneuvers. Its direct and constant steering response ensures quick and seamless reactions, making you feel prepared to load your kite and take off.

To enhance stability and power handling, the BULLIT V.2 now features five struts. Additionally, the increase in aspect ratio results in more span and less width, allowing for better profile control, especially in overpowering conditions.

Extensive research and development have gone into perfecting the Sail Engineering of the BULLIT V.2. The entire canopy profile has been made impressively sleek, thanks to the implementation of staggered seams on the trailing edge. This unique design breaks the tension line of the seams, resulting in a leveled profile when the kite is fully powered. The orientation of the fabric towards tension further enhances control.

The use of staggered seams on the back of the profile helps reduce overtensions. With the incorporation of the new and stronger TECHNOFORCE 66g fabric, the kite gains better control in higher winds while maintaining durability and resistance to elongation.

The improved efficiency of the BULLIT V.2 is evident in its perfectly even canopy profile, offering greater stability without any disturbances or movement of the bar. This translates to incredible performance in high wind conditions.

The struts' reinforcements have been made sleeker with the addition of a Kevlar strip on the top. This not only enhances the kite's steering and maneuverability but also reduces aerodynamic disturbances and overall weight when wet.

The innovative 5-point connections bridle, along with two pulleys, ensures arc stability, even when faced with overpowering conditions.

The BULLIT V.2 is the ultimate kite for those seeking to push their limits in Big Air. Whether you're performing loops or going for massive airs, this kite is designed to meet your needs. Available in various sizes, including the new additions of the 6m² and 7m², it offers a new standard of commitment.

The DELTA C-SHAPE technology design of the BULLIT V.2 provides unmatched stability and responsive steering when fully de-powered. This design allows for more canopy area in the middle sections, creating additional projected area, while the C Shape ensures fluidity and responsiveness.

Featuring the reactor inflation valve, the BULLIT V.2 allows for rapid and easy inflation and deflation. The high airflow rate between the struts and leading edge ensures efficiency during the process.

Auto relaunch has been made quick and effortless with F-ONE's design. When the kite is sitting with the leading edge flat on the water, its C-Shape in combination with the Delta Pivot facilitates automatic rolling onto one wingtip, allowing for easy water relaunch.

TEIJIN's TECHNOFORCE™ holds the reputation for being the most reliable high-density polyester fabric. Its tear-stopping structure, using thin and high-tension yarn, ensures exceptional durability while maintaining a lightweight design.

The new design innovation from F-ONE offers a sleeker profile, resulting in improved efficiency and sharper performance. The implementation of staggered seams on critical areas of the kite provides a leveled canopy profile, enhancing stability even when the kite is fully powered.

The ability to sheet in and sheet out offers different experiences with the BULLIT V.2. When sheeted in, the back line is released, resulting in an increase in bar pressure and a progressive feeling. Sheet out, and the kite tilts, stiffening the back line. This leads to less flapping, better starts, and decreased pressure during maneuvers.

Tuning with the upper knot provides higher tension, increasing the kite's maneuverability and reducing bar pressure when sheeted out. On the other hand, tuning with the lower knot reduces maneuverability and increases bar pressure when sheeted in.

The panels of the BULLIT V.2 are assembled with stronger bonding and stitching, making the canopy more resistant to tearing. This new design not only ensures durability but also makes it easier to remove and replace the bladder when needed.

Experience the BULLIT V.2 and indulge in the thrill of pushing your limits. With its exceptional performance and innovative features, this kite will take your Big Air adventures to new heights.


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