F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit XVI 2023 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit XVI 2023

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Experience the unparalleled refinement of the latest edition of the BANDIT, which offers legendary precision and enhanced comfort. The BANDIT XVI has undergone extensive enhancements to create a smoother profile, resulting in sharper performance, increased stability, and improved efficiency.

Regardless of the wind conditions, the BANDIT remains incredibly stable in the air. Whether you're freeriding, kite foiling, going for big air, or riding strapless, this kite performs exceptionally well in all scenarios. Its superior control and support enable you to perform at your highest level, effortlessly harnessing gusts for forward pull.

In the development of the 16th edition, the R&D team dedicated themselves to creating an astonishingly streamlined profile. Original staggered seams have been incorporated on both the leading and trailing edges, breaking the tension line of the seams and providing a leveled profile when the kite is fully powered. We have also maintained the fabric's orientation towards tension.

On the back of the profile, the staggered seams have reduced overtension. We consolidated the two vertical panels into one, and on sizes 9m² and smaller, we have introduced a new TECHNOFORCE 66 panel. This panel offers improved strength and resistance to elongation, resulting in better profile control for smaller sizes in higher winds.

For sizes of 10m² and above, we have retained the TECHNOFORCE 52 for its lightweight characteristics, along with two layers of TECHNOFORCE 52 canopy with staggered seams on the trailing edge. These enhancements contribute to increased efficiency. The perfectly even canopy profile ensures a sense of stability without any disturbances or movement in the bar, leading to remarkable performance in high wind conditions.

The struts' reinforcements have been made incredibly sleek through the addition of a Kevlar strip on top. This upgrade improves the kite's steering and maneuverability, reduces aerodynamic disturbances, and decreases the overall weight of the kite when wet. Our original 5-points connection bridle and two pulleys work together to maintain stability in even overpowered conditions.

The new CNC-shaped, anodized aluminum low friction "pulleys" significantly enhance reactivity while also increasing the bridle's resistance to abrasion and overall durability.

The BANDIT's renowned Delta C-Shape provides unparalleled bar feeling, exceptional stability, and outstanding relaunching ability. Its impressive instant steering response allows for precise flying with a perfect balance between ease of input and feedback impulses, resulting in a linear feel with zero stalling.

Upwind riding is now easier and more comfortable than ever, as this kite effortlessly propels you back upwind after trying out new tricks and jumps.

With a reputation spanning over 16 years, the BANDIT continues to impress. Its DELTA C-SHAPE technology design ensures unrivaled stability and steering response when fully depowered. This design also allows for the possibility of connecting the front lines higher on the leading edge of the kite.

The DELTA C-SHAPE design has been patented by F-ONE for the past 15 years, as it optimizes aerodynamic performance and depower. By fitting more canopy area in the middle sections and maintaining responsiveness and fluidity through the C Shape, this design ensures maximum efficiency.

F-ONE's auto relaunch feature is quick and easy, effortlessly releasing the kite from the water with the ideal amount of traction. When the kite sits with the leading edge flat on the water, its C-Shape combined with the Delta Pivot enables the kite to automatically roll over onto one wingtip. From there, it glides towards the edge of the window, enabling quick and easy water relaunch.

The reactor inflation valve offers a high flow connection that twist locks the pump hose to the kite, allowing for easy and rapid inflation and deflation at the push of a button. It provides a high air flow rate between the struts and leading edge.

TEIJIN's TECHNOFORCE is a reliable, high-density polyester fabric known for its durability. Its tear-stopping structure, which utilizes thin and high tension yarn, ensures the fabric is ultra-durable. It has a proven track record of lightness and durability.

This innovative design by F-ONE provides an incredibly streamlined profile, resulting in enhanced efficiency and sharp performance. The incorporation of original staggered seams in critical areas ensures a perfectly leveled canopy profile when the kite is fully powered. The fabric is oriented towards tension, creating a perfectly even canopy profile that offers sensational stability without any disturbances in the bar.

When sheeted in, the backline is released, resulting in increased bar pressure and less direct maneuverability. As you sheet out, the kite tilts and the backline stiffens, with tension moving to the trailing edge. This has various effects, including reduced flapping, improved starts, and enhanced maneuverability with less pressure.

By tuning with the upper knot, kite maneuverability increases and bar pressure reduces when the kite is sheeted out. Conversely, tuning with the lower knot reduces kite maneuverability and increases bar pressure when the kite is sheeted in.

The construction of the panels has been reinforced, with panels now being glued and sewn together to improve the canopy's rip resistance. The leading edge tips have a reduced diameter for improved streamlining to minimize drag, and a strap has been added to prevent bridle tangling.

The kite's struts have been designed with a vertical cut to optimize the strength-to-diameter ratio. Furthermore, most seams on the leading edge are protected with an abrasion-resistant Kevlar fabric to prevent deterioration when the kite's profile experiences aggressive ground friction.

The bladder replacement process is now easier, making it more convenient for maintenance.

The Spider Bridle features multiple points of connection distributed along the leading edge, providing enhanced control over the kite's arc during flight. This results in impressive stability across all wind conditions and extends the high wind range to remarkable limits.

The new CNC-shaped, anodized aluminum low friction "pulleys" are incredibly lightweight and significantly increase the kite's reactivity. They also enhance the bridle's resistance to abrasion, ensuring superior durability.


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