F-ONE Kiteboarding Trigger 2023 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Trigger 2023

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Experience the thrill of big air and enjoy smooth landings with the F-ONE TRIGGER. This 5-strut kite is designed for top performance in big air situations. It not only allows for big loops, but also offers excellent freeride capabilities for effortless upwind riding.

With their original 5-point connection setup and two pulley bridles, the TRIGGER offers precision and responsiveness in both high and low wind conditions. You can trust that this kite will never let you down or interrupt your session.

The TRIGGER is the ultimate weapon for big air jumps and a versatile freeride machine. Its high aspect ratio and five-strut air frame can handle powerful gusts while providing precise control for accurate jumps.

By simply pulling the bar, you'll experience mind-blowing vertical boost and perfect hangtime. The smooth and progressive climb ensures a confident ride, and the superior hold on the way down allows you to attempt all your tricks with ease. The TRIGGER excels in all Big Air conditions, especially on flat water, eliminating the need for a kicker to achieve impressive heights.

Steering the TRIGGER is a breeze with light bar pressure and excellent bar feedback. Its responsiveness and agility allow for tight turns and smooth kite loops across the window.

Thanks to the precise bar feedback, you'll always know where the kite is in the air, enabling you to harness its power for incredible accelerations and vertical boosts while maintaining full control. The riding experience is natural and comfortable, with lateral pull transformed into positive traction. The impressive depower capability allows you to handle gusty conditions even when the wind is strong.

The TRIGGER is the result of extensive research and development aimed at creating the best Big Air kite while staying true to the F-ONE brand. The goal was to produce a high-performance kite that would excel in any wind range.

The additional projected area of the TRIGGER provides great float and soft landings during jumps. Combined with its high aspect ratio, it ensures smooth glides and optimal performance in light winds.

The five struts offer impressive stability and full control, particularly in high wind conditions. They also facilitate quick and sharp changes in direction, enabling you to push the limits of your riding.

The R&D team invested significant effort in ensuring the TRIGGER's profile is sleek and efficient. Original staggered seams on the trailing edge break the tension line, resulting in a leveled canopy profile when the kite is fully powered. The fabric's orientation towards tension enhances the kite's stability without any disturbances or bar movement.

The Kevlar strip on the top of the struts provides sleek reinforcement, improving steering, reducing aerodynamic disturbances, and reducing overall weight when wet.

The TRIGGER's 5-point connection bridle and low friction aluminum pulleys offer stability, even in overpowering conditions. The kite is designed to work with a low front V on the bar, perfect for its flattened arc and improved bar feel.

Available in various sizes, the TRIGGER caters to different rider preferences and offers monumental hangtime, superior support in windy conditions, and outstanding upwind and freeriding capabilities.

F-ONE's design innovation ensures an incredibly sleek profile for maximum efficiency and performance. Implementing staggered seams on critical parts of the kite further enhances the leveled canopy profile when fully powered.

The fabric chosen is TEIJIN's TECHNOFORCE™, a durable high-density polyester fabric known for its tear-stopping structure. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction guarantees exceptional performance.

To reinforce durability, the panels are now glued and sewn together, making the canopy more resistant to tears. The reduced diameter of the leading edge tips minimizes drag and prevents bridle tangling.

The vertical cut of the kite's struts optimizes the strength-to-diameter ratio, ensuring optimal performance. Kevlar® fabric protects most seams on the leading edge from abrasion, preserving the kite's profile even during aggressive ground friction.

Bladder replacement and maintenance are made easier with the TRIGGER's convenient design.

For over two decades, F-ONE has relied on Teijin's state-of-the-art cloth from Japan for their kite production. Teijin's continuous technological advancements and high-quality materials have contributed to F-ONE's success in the industry. The use of double ripstop on the canopy cloth and durability treatments reflect Teijin's commitment to innovation.

To provide more options for cloth density, F-ONE collaborated with Teijin to develop a new Dacron 130g double ripstop. This saves weight while maintaining excellent strength, resulting in a more responsive and lighter kite. The wingtips are reinforced with abrasion-resistant Kevlar® fabric for added protection.

The new CNC-shaped, anodized aluminum low-friction pulleys enhance reactivity, reduce bridle wear, and increase overall durability.

Choose the TRIGGER, an exceptional Big Air kite that inspires confidence and can handle any conditions. Its extensive size range ensures optimal performance, whether you're seeking monumental hangtime, superior support in strong winds, or impressive upwind and freeriding abilities.


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