F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit Dos 8m 2009 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit Dos 8m 2009

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At a Glance

The Bandit was a new development for F-One last year that utilised a new style of delta shaped kite. The idea being that a delta wing is the most stable and so by incorporating this into a kite you end up with a super stable easy top fly kite. The Bandit was a huge success, very easy to fly and very smooth and stable in the air. So successful in fact that a lot of other brands started to copy the Delta style of the kite. Now F-One have released the Bandit Dos, the follow up kite for the coming 2009 season. They have looked at areas they wanted to improve, such as the wind range and tweaked the kite to give it a more C kite feel. But the good news is they have only tweaked the design, and tried to keep all of the great features of last years kite in this one. The bar is similar too; very simple although there is a new chicken loop in development that should be ready by the time the kites get to market. The new loop will make hooking in and out much easier as the chicken loop will lock in place when you unhook. The depower throw has also been shortened so it is easier to un spin your lines or adjust your foot straps while flying the kite.

In the Air

If you have never flown a Delta style kite then the first thing you will notice will be just how different they look when they are in the sky. The wing tips really arch back and the kite looks totally different to a more traditional hybrid or bow style kite. The wind range on the Bandit Dos has been improved, especially the bottom end, the 8m will get you up and riding a lot sooner than expected, and its small size makes it really manoeuvrable in the air. This makes it amazing for tight turns when you are on the wave, or if you want to send it back in the window quickly for boosting big air. All the stability and ease of use is still there, but the kite has a little more feel to it, the response to steering has been sharpened up and the kite feels a little more like a C kite in the hands than it did last year. The top end is still there from last year too and with some trimming on the front lines before your session you can get even more out of it. One noticeable change this year is the shorter depower throw on the bar. This means that you can let go of the bar to un-spin the lines without the kite dropping out of the sky. The kite still depowers and falls when you let go of the bar, but it doesn’t do it instantly. This makes the kite very easy to ride but perhaps moves it away from the beginner market a little, but F-One have the Revolt to cover that rider base. Last year the Bandit was the only kite F-One produced, they were so happy with its performance that they didn’t make any other kites, the Bandit was at home in all conditions and disciplines. The same is true this year and while they do have another kite in the form of the Revolt it is aimed at the beginner market. Whatever you want to do with your riding, freestyle, freeride, waves, speed the Bandit Dos is a great kite to do all of them.


Amazing wind range, even better low end than before, simple easy set up with a very clean bar. A very versatile kite that is happy in a wide range of conditions.


Still no one pump, call us lazy but we like it. Other than that though there really aren’t any problems with the Bandit Dos, they have taken a great kite and improved on it.


If you liked the kite from last year then rest assured you will love the improved range and feel the bandit Dos offers. If you haven’t sampled a delta kite before, you are missing out, give it a try.

This review was in Issue 10 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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