DUOTONE Capa 2020 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Capa 2020

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The all-new CAPA epitomizes a freeride foil kite, striking the perfect balance between user-friendliness and performance. Even in gusty conditions, they remain stable and effortless to maneuver. The intuitive handling ensures an incredibly responsive steering experience.

Irrespective of wind strength, all sizes of Capas cover an extensive range, enabling flight in various conditions. The hangtime is extraordinary, granting ample time in the air and facilitating easy jibing, tacking, and tricks. Despite epitomizing lightweight materials, they possess the necessary durability that a foil kite requires.

The introduction of new air inlets guarantees swift inflation, while the enhanced water drainage channels ensure a rapid water relaunch. The design of the new CAPA aims to bridge the gap between high-end racing foil kites and inflatables. While the advantages of foil kites in light winds are widely recognized, they have historically been challenging to launch, land, and maneuver. However, the design team has successfully cultivated the most user-friendly, yet performance-oriented foil kite available. These kites thrive, even in minimal wind, making them perfect for foilers and freeriders seeking to maximize their time on the water and enhance their upwind angles. The sheet and go performance offers exceptional low-end power, while the uniquely crafted profile empowers the kite with an extensive top-end range.

The CAPA boasts light bar pressure, enabling riders to enjoy extended sessions without strain. Furthermore, the handling is awe-inspiring. With its dynamic and responsive nature, the CAPA feels akin to an inflatable kite at the bar, rather than a traditional foil kite. It generates impressive lift, simplifying tacks and gybes on the foil. For those riding with a twin tip, the kite's hangtime and float are simply astounding – it feels more like flying than jumping! Thanks to the new air inlets, the kite inflates rapidly and maintains stability amidst gusty and turbulent conditions. Relaunching the CAPA is effortless; just pull on a steering line, simulating the process for an LEI kite. In the rare event that water enters, the new water release channels ensure swift drainage.

The CAPA embodies boundless capacity and limitless capabilities. If you desire to experience the force this summer, make sure the CAPA finds a place in your quiver!


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