Slingshot Vision 138 x 42cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Vision 138 x 42cm 2015

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At A Glance

Even if you’re new to kiting Slingshot will probably be a brand you have heard of or come across before. Being in the kitesurfing industry since the start, I actually learnt on a Slingshot B2 trainer kite in 1999. Slingshot have gone from strength to strength with many iconic products such as the Fuel, RPM, Marc Doyle Pro, and many more, and now it seems that the Vision is looking to take its place at the top.

The 2015 Vision is available in a variety of sizes to suit almost every rider, 134 x 41, 138 x 42, 140 x 43.1. It’s comes rammed with cutting edge design such as precision cut NACA tech channels, and like other Slingshot boards is well known for its durability. Looking at some of the technical features of this board the list is endless; elliptical concave, continuous rocker, dura base, chined rails, resin x and an atomic wood core. So, back to the Vision’s NACA tech channels, these are precision cut in the NACA federal agency in the US, who specialise in undertaking researching aeronautics. The Vision being the first board to feature such well designed channels.

Moving onto what all this tech means for you as the rider, well a fair bit. The dura base will give you confidence to hit obstacles and rails knowing you will not damage the base of your board, give or take the odd surface scratch. Slingshot have stiffened the flex pattern in the new Vision to provide the rider with increased pop and softer landings. The channels and rocker line of the new 2015 model will give you an incredibly fast, grippy feel underfoot.

There’s not a lot to say about the graphics on this board apart from that they rock!

On The Water

After setting my bindings at the perfect stance width using the clever Slingshot track system, it was time to ride. At first the Vision did seem rather large underfoot, however after getting a few runs in you realise it’s just the curved tips giving you that perception. The Vision was very quick to ride and incredibly grippy. However, transferring from edge to edge in powerful turns or after passes the board just slides round effortlessly. Getting onto the pop, the Vision amazed us with the way it released from the water, it grips so well you can progressively edge like you would wakeboarding, without the worry of going into a mega tea tray. This enables you to hold and release with so much tension in your kite that you’ll find yourself way higher throughout most wakestyle moves. This year’s Vision is slightly flatter than last year’s, but soaks up the landings supremely.

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“A freestyle/wakestyle board that’s built to last and does everything it says on the tin!"


If you’re looking for a freestyle/wakestyle board that’s built to last and does everything it says on the tin, the Vision should be making up the top of your list. Bombproof construction, insane amounts of pop, ability to hold an edge in the most powered of conditions and, to be honest, a board that just looks rad!

For those of you heavily into wakestyle you may wish to look into purchasing a smaller set of Slingshot fins as the larger fins that come with the Vision may be bit too grippy for your liking.


This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.

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