Slingshot Dream Rider V1 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Dream Rider V1 2023

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Introducing the all-new Dream Rider, a performance twin tip board that offers an unforgettable ride. With the industry's deepest concave and the skinniest profile to date, they have created a board that provides a dream-like experience, effortlessly floating and carving over any chop or water conditions.

The Dream Rider V1 comes with the board itself, along with 2 x 1.75 (1.9x15.2cm) fins and a grab handle. Designed to bring back the fun in riding a twin tip, their design team focused on creating one of the smoothest and most enjoyable boards to ride on the water. By employing their most proven and skinniest profiles, they ensured great edge control and nimbleness from rail to rail. To amplify the board's performance, they incorporated an impressive 26mm of concave, the greatest on any board ever made. This unique shape enables the Dream Rider to devour chop effortlessly, delivering a ride that feels dream-like in its smoothness.

Additionally, the Dream Rider V1 is constructed with their new Foamlite core, the only foam core in their lineup. This lightweight core provides buoyancy, allowing riders to effortlessly float on top of the water with unmatched ease and efficiency. Ultimately, the Dream Rider V1 aims to be the most fun freeride shape available, offering a smooth and dreamy ride that needs to be experienced to be believed.

In summary, the Dream Rider is a performance twin tip board with an exceptional ride. With its deep concave, skinniest profile, and lightweight buoyancy, the Dream Rider delivers a ride like no other, carving effortlessly through chop and providing a truly dream-like experience on the water.


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