Slingshot Misfit V11 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Misfit V11 2023

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The Misfit V11 is renowned as one of the most high-performance freeride twin tips ever created. It boasts a variety of features that make it versatile and adaptable to different conditions. The board comes with 4 x 1.75 (1.9x15.2cm) fins and a grab handle.

With a flatter and faster rocker line and a smooth, mellow single-concave hull, the Misfit V11 offers an exceptionally smooth and dry riding experience. It is equipped with an Atomic Wood Core and Koroyd in the tip and tail, reducing swing weight and providing a lively, pop-centric ride.

They have designed the Misfit V11 to deliver performance versatility in every session, ensuring it excels in all conditions regardless of the rider's skill level. It is known as the most versatile and intuitive twin tip currently available and features a progressive outline for a smooth, spray-free ride. With its mild rocker and medium flex, the board offers great upwind drive and effortlessly slices through chop.

The Misfit V11 incorporates sections of thermally welded co-polymer tubes, resulting in a lighter, more responsive ride with increased strength and flex compared to a full wood core. The sustainably grown Paulownia wood used in its construction gives the board its famous lively and springy character. The vertically laminated construction harnesses the strength of the wood's grain, providing consistent flex, strength, and pop.

Using innovative technology similar to urethane skateboard wheels, the rail is infused into the board's core in one single shot, offering unrivalled dampening and durability. The inserts are light, flexible, and durable, maintaining the board's underfoot flex for a consistent feel from tip to tail.

Laser-cut parabolic channels strategically direct water like a vacuum from the centre of the board through the tail, increasing speed and grip on the water. This feature ensures smooth tracking, effortless upwind performance, and added traction for riding with speed and power, suitable for all skill levels.

The Misfit V11's base material is .2mm thick, striking the ideal balance between strength and weight. It provides lightweight performance without compromising durability.

With FSC-approved wood providers, the Misfit V11 ensures that the boards come from responsibly managed forests that offer environmental, social, and economic benefits.

In summary, the Misfit V11 is a versatile and high-performance freeride twin tip board, suitable for all conditions and skill levels. Its features, including a flatter and faster rocker line, thermally welded co-polymer tubes, and laser-cut channels, contribute to its smooth and dry ride, enhanced performance, and excellent grip on the water. With sustainable wood construction and a commitment to responsible sourcing, the Misfit V11 is a reliable and environmentally conscious choice for kiteboarding enthusiasts.


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