Slingshot Super Natural V2 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Super Natural V2 2023

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The Super Natural V2 stands apart from other twin tips with its unique design. Unlike traditional twin tips, it has a nose and a tail, giving it unparalleled drive and control. This makes it perfect for launching into the air or tearing through shore break waves.

The Super Natural V2 comes with the board itself, 6 x 1.75 (1.9x15.2cm) fins, and a grab handle. It takes our mutant twin-tip hybrid concept to the next level. The different nose and tail design of the Super Natural V2 allows it to excel in various conditions. Whether you're riding in choppy waters and need some extra grip, cruising on flat water and looking for more power for big airs, or riding waves for some slashing fun, the Super Natural V2 has got you covered. This board comes with a six-fin configuration, giving you the freedom to ride with two, four, six, or even no fins if you're feeling adventurous.

The Super Natural V2 is designed to be a versatile tool for riders looking to maximize their wave riding or boosting sessions. It's one of the most progressive and adaptable shapes we've ever created. Boosting and board-off tricks are made easier and more enjoyable with this board. Riding in beach break and wave conditions feels like navigating an ocean skate park.

The Mutant fin configuration allows you to customize your ride based on the conditions and your personal riding style. You can choose to ride with 2, 4, 6, or no fins at all.

The Super Natural V2 is constructed using sustainably grown Paulownia wood, which gives the board its lively and springy character. The vertically laminated construction harnesses the strength of the wood's grain, providing consistent flex, strength, and pop. The inserts used in the board are light, flexible, and durable, maintaining the board's flex underfoot for a consistent feel from tip to tail.

Our innovative manufacturing process includes infusing the rail into the board's core in one single shot, similar to urethane skateboard wheels. This results in unparalleled dampening and durability. Laser-cut parabolic channels on the board direct water like a vacuum from the middle to the tail, increasing speed and grip in the water.

The Super Natural V2 offers smooth tracking and effortless upwind performance. The added grip provides traction for riding with speed and power, yet it's easy to manage for riders of all skill levels.

We source our wood from FSC approved providers, ensuring that our products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

In summary, the Super Natural V2 is an exceptional twin tip board, designed with a nose and a tail for unmatched drive and control. Its versatile shape and fin configuration allow riders to excel in a variety of conditions. With sustainably sourced materials and innovative manufacturing processes, this board offers durability, flex, and pop. Experience smooth tracking, effortless upwind performance, and the thrill of riding like never before.


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