Slingshot Misfit V11 Carbon 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Misfit V11 Carbon 2023

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Introducing the Misfit Carbon V11, an exceptional high-performance freeride twin tip designed with a completely carbon layup. This board is renowned for being one of the lightest, smoothest, and driest rides among all twin tips.

The Misfit Carbon V11 features a flatter and faster rocker line, along with a mellow single-concave hull, delivering an incredibly smooth and dry experience on the water. Its construction includes a pop-centric Atomic Wood Core and Koroyd in the tip and tail, reducing swing weight and adding liveliness.

The Misfit Carbon V11 is designed to excel in all conditions, catering to every skill level. It is the finest progressive, all-conditions freeride twin tip on the market, offering unmatched versatility and intuition.

Built entirely with carbon fiber, the Misfit Carbon V11 is incredibly lightweight and strong. This construction provides explosive pop and exceptional trick propulsion while maintaining its lightweight nature. The use of thermally welded co-polymer tubes enhances ride responsiveness, strength, and flex, surpassing a full wood core.

With sustainably grown Paulownia wood and vertically laminated construction, the Misfit Carbon V11 boasts a lively and springy character, consistent flex, and impressive pop. Its rail is infused into the board's core using innovative manufacturing technology, providing unparalleled dampening and durability.

The board's inserts are light, flexible, and durable, preserving the board's underfoot flex for a consistent feel from tip to tail. Laser-cut parabolic channels ensure efficient water displacement, accelerating the board's speed and enhancing grip on the water.

The Misfit Carbon V11 offers smooth tracking, effortless upwind performance, and exceptional traction for high-speed and powerful riding. Its design caters to all ability levels, making it easy to manage while still providing ample grip.

Rest assured that our wood providers meet FSC approval, ensuring responsible forest management that benefits the environment, society, and economy.

In conclusion, the Misfit Carbon V11 redefines high-performance freeride twin tips. Its carbon construction delivers an incredibly lightweight and versatile board, suited for all conditions and skill levels. With advanced features and innovative technology, this board offers a smooth, dry, and exhilarating ride like no other.


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