Slingshot Formula V2 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Formula V2 2023

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The Formula V2 twin tip kiteboard, constructed with high modulus 30/30 carbon fiber, returns to their lineup as the lightest and highest-performance twin tip they have ever built.

A beloved choice by the team, the Formula V2 continues to prioritize the use of advanced and top-quality materials, employing a carbon construction that is lighter than its predecessor. The board's composition of high modulus 30/30 carbon fiber, extending from tip to tip, delivers explosive pop and propels tricks within an incredibly lightweight, rigid, and resilient package. Adding to the exceptional on-water experience is a full-length, double-concave hull, offering supreme comfort: upon landing a jump, the water is initially greeted by the spine of the double concave, breaking the surface tension and granting smooth, cushioned landings.

The goal for the Formula V2 was straightforward: create the lightest and highest-performance twin-tip board possible. And they have succeeded in doing just that. This board not only boasts a lightweight construction but also delivers unparalleled performance.

With its full carbon construction, the Formula V2 offers more stiffness and pop compared to any other board on the market. Its high modulus 30/30 carbon fiber blend results in explosive pop and exceptional trick propulsion, all while maintaining an impressively lightweight and sturdy structure.

Riding on the Formula V2 provides the smoothest experience on the water. Upon landing a jump, the double concave's spine is the first point of contact with the water, ensuring minimal resistance and granting buttery soft landings.

To infuse their boards with a lively and responsive character, the Formula V2 is crafted using sustainably grown Paulownia wood. The vertically laminated construction optimizes the collective strength of the wood, guaranteeing durability, consistent flex, and springiness.

Another standout feature of the Formula V2 is the rail design. By utilizing high durometer urethane and an innovative manufacturing process, the rail is fused seamlessly into the board's core, resulting in unparalleled dampening and durability.

Thanks to the stiffness provided by the carbon construction, unnecessary size and weight have been shaved off from the tips of the Formula V2, enhancing its overall performance.

Furthermore, they have made improvements to the Carbon Bedrock Insert pack, reducing the number of stance options strategically. This not only reduces weight but also strengthens the foundation of the already robust Carbon Bedrock Insert.

The Formula V2 incorporates a .2mm Duralight base material, which boasts an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. This ensures lightweight performance without compromising on strength and durability.

In summary, the Formula V2 twin tip kiteboard redefines the standards of twin-tip boarding. Its high modulus 30/30 carbon fiber construction delivers explosive pop, exceptional trick propulsion, and unmatched lightness. The full-length double concave hull guarantees smooth riding and soft landings, enhancing the overall on-water experience. Crafted with sustainably grown Paulownia wood and innovative rail design, the Formula V2 ensures durability, flexibility, and lively performance. With their continuous focus on improvement and attention to detail, they have created the lightest and highest-performance twin-tip kiteboard yet.


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