Slingshot Luna V2 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Luna V2 2023

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The Luna V2 is a revolutionary kiteboard designed specifically for smaller, lighter riders. Unlike other boards, the Luna V2 doesn't require any compromise or sacrifice. With inspiration from the iconic Misfit, this narrow-bodied board is packed with top-notch technology and performance, tailored to meet the demands of lighter riders.

The Luna V2 comes with a Luna V2 Board, 4 x 1.75 (1.9x15.2cm) Fins, and a Grab Handle for added convenience. Its shape and outline are similar to the award-winning Misfit, making it an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate kiteboarders. However, it has been optimized for smaller and lighter riders.

Available in sizes of 129cm and 133cm, the Luna V2's narrow body provides enhanced tracking and allows riders to easily handle power. It offers an incredibly smooth and forgiving experience, making it perfect for learning new tricks like back rolls and board-offs, or even unhooking.

The Luna V2 was designed to cater to the needs of smaller and lighter riders, providing them with a high-performance twin tip board. It is considered the most optimized twin tip in the world for riders in this category. Its narrow outline ensures a smooth and spray-free ride, specifically tailored for lighter riders.

Featuring a medium rocker and flex, the Luna V2 excels in upwind drive and seamlessly cuts through choppy waters. It is constructed with sustainably grown Paulownia wood that gives the board its lively and springy character. The vertical laminated construction harnesses the strength of the wood's grain, providing consistent flex, strength, and pop.

Utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques, the Luna V2's rail is infused into the board's core in one single shot, resulting in unmatched dampening and durability. The inserts on the board are light, flexible, and durable, maintaining the board's underfoot flex for a consistent feel from tip to tail.

The Luna V2 also features laser-cut parabolic channels that efficiently direct water from the middle of the board through the tail, enhancing speed and grip on the water. This advanced design ensures smooth tracking and effortless upwind performance, while providing ample traction for powerful rides.

In commitment to sustainability, the Luna V2's wood providers are FSC approved, guaranteeing that the materials come from responsibly managed forests that promote environmental, social, and economic benefits.

In summary, the Luna V2 is a game-changing kiteboard built specifically for smaller, lighter riders. Its narrow body, advanced technology, and optimized design make it the go-to choice for those seeking exceptional performance without compromise. With its smooth ride, versatility, and sustainable construction, the Luna V2 truly stands out as the ultimate twin tip for lighter riders.


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