Slingshot Luna 133 x 39.6cm 2021 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Luna 133 x 39.6cm 2021

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At A Glance

An entirely new board from Slingshot Kiteboarding, the Luna V1 is for pint sized rippers who need a no-compromise progressive stick. Slingshot have done a huge overhaul of both their ranges and styling, and the result is nothing short of impressive.

The Luna, though designed for smaller riders, houses the same tech and is based upon the ever popular Misfit twin tip. A sustainable Paulownia Atomic wood core gives a lively and responsive deck, whilst a single concave and the laser cut Naca Tech rails provide next level grip for loading up with ease.

There is a dura-light base which provides lightweight durability, and singleshot fusion sidewall rails take technology from skateboarding and jam it in to the rail of kiteboards for unrivalled dampening and durability.

The Dually V5 Binding system locks your foot in with a 4 point adjustment system and comfy EVA foam footbed. There are interchangeable inserts to adjust firmness under your heel, and the universal mounting system means you can perfect your stance.

Sizes: 129x38.5cm, 133x39.6cm

On The Water

Lightweight and agile, the Luna V1 is a board which will bring out the best in your riding. It gets planing easily, and once cruising there is incredible grip which rockets you upwind.

The tips of the Luna V1 are drawn in which allows for easy carving, transitions and rail to rail transfers. Smaller riders will get a lot out of the narrow width which not only means easy edging to cruise upwind, but also for holding down some serious power. We especially enjoyed playing in the waves with the Luna V1 due to this grippy nature. We had endless fun carving and slashing on faces sending up all manners of spray.

For those riders who are heading skyward, the Luna V1 holds down plenty of power for boosts, and holds a good amount of ‘pop’ to get those freestyle moves dialled in. Landings are smooth thanks to the medium flex and narrow tips. You can really rely on the board to support you as you progress through new moves.


The Slingshot Luna V1 is a great little board for smaller riders who wish to progress and make the most of every session. Suitable for those just starting to those wishing to learn more advanced jumps or even unhooked tricks, the incredible grip and agility allows smaller riders to make the most of the conditions with ease. Built to Slingshot’s renowned high spec, it is a brilliant choice for young and smaller sized kiters.


This review was in Issue 86 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Sukie Robertson

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