CORE Kiteboarding Choice 3 137 x 41.5cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Choice 3 137 x 41.5cm 2019

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At A Glance

We have long been fans of the products that come out the CORE factory with precision and class. The Choice 3 is an update on their favoured all-around freestyle board which aims to be a do it all board for those slightly more experienced riders in both boots and straps with some fantastic new weight savings.

The board itself has a 3D wood core for stability and durability. This then has layers of woven Cartan Carbon, which not only looks incredible showing through on the top of the board but also add incredible multidirectional strength and flex.

There are a whole host of intricate channels and rails adorning the base and tips of the board which add to the grip and stability of the board. New for the Choice 3 is the full-length V-shaped hull which smooth’s out chop and unwanted spray, and deeper channels underneath which results in not only more water displacement but a faster riding speed too.

Compatible with either the CORE Union Pro2 bindings or comfort straps, there are also super strong stainless steel inserts for when you wish to switch to boots for some unhooked freestyle. The board is available in possibly the biggest array of lengths and widths there will be an option to suit every rider.

“A fast flying and powerful platform.”

On The Water

Firstly, ensure the straps are fitted correctly to your feet. We used the very impressive and technical Union 2 binding system, which offers simply incredible support but does need to be correctly fitted to reduce any annoying foot slips!

The Choice 3 likes to be ridden fast, and once riding at some speed it will simply fly along. There is a good upwind angle, and noticeable is the huge reduction in spray being kicked up even in super choppy waters.

A stiffer board than some, the big explosive pop is achieved once you have a bit of power behind you and are comfortable riding as such. The lighter weight of the board certainly lends itself to the re-emergence of those classic board off moves, and we have great fun throwing the board around in the sky and then landing with a brilliant forward speed as the board soaked up any slight wobble and heavy landing.

The Choice 3 holds itself to the waters edge like glue, and you can gain some super fast speeds and mammoth carves without ever losing an edge, likewise is fun to carve around in some lumps of water with easy and satisfying rail to rail carves.

Being a high-end board, the powered pop produced is very impressive, with a low swing weight and brilliantly smooth landings thanks to the new rocker line underneath. Landings are smooth and assured even in choppy conditions, the flex and channelling helping to soak up those high-speed impacts from big powered tricks.


The Choice 3 has become a fast flying and powerful platform which will withstand the high powered hooked and unhooked moves we are starting to see as the norm. Huge explosive pop for the latest handle passes, straight into some board off trickery have both been enveloped within this same board. Not to be confused as an advanced rider only board, the Choice 3 is still a solid option for those looking for a board to last them their entire freestyle career.


This review was in Issue 73 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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