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A new attempt has been made by Sam Light & Tom Court! In Sam Light’s recent vlog ‘100km on a kite boat gusting 30 knots’, Sam and Tom battle the elements and attempt to kite-boat around the Isle of Wight… they came close… but unfortunately, they did not make it! In Tom Court’s latest vlog, he shares attempt #2 – Watch this to find out if Tom and Sam finally succeed in kite-boating around the Isle of Wight!

“This is our second attempt at this challenge and is still and NBD (never before done) in one single sail. It is a tough challenge to circumnavigate the island, over 70 miles of open ocean, with some of the worlds strongest tides to negotiate. As many times as I have sailed around the island, it never ceases to amaze me as to how technically difficult it is… back to the drawing board for some boat modifications before the next attempt! We hit a storm, with winds upwards of 35knots, big waves and rain. It wasn’t the ideal day for it, but we learned a lot about the boat and how we can make sure we smash it next time!” – Tom Court

Mon 23rd May, 2022 @ 9:00 am


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