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2 days ago

In this episode of Trick of the Trades, Tom Court goes through the steps to land a simple Backroll transition. This is an extremely useful…

5 days ago

Want to learn the secret to jumping properly? Find out from Tom Court, right here.

1 week ago

Sam Light and Tom Court team up for this one - The plan was to sail 30 miles from Hayling Island to Hurst Castle and…

1 week ago

In this episode of Trick of the Trades, Tom Courts talks us through a Toeside Backroll to heel side. A simple one to add to…

2 weeks ago

Tom Court builds a custom GoPro mount to get the ultimate 3rd person shots - watch this!

2 weeks ago

A few people have requested this one over the past few weeks, so here it is! The kite position is essential, but to start with…

3 weeks ago

Tom Court shares his first session back on the water after a (LONG) few months in quarantine! Fingers crossed we beat this virus...

3 weeks ago

In this episode, Tom Court talkings us through his version of a Pete Rose. This is a Toeside KGB, which is a back roll frontside…

4 weeks ago

In this video, Tom Court talks us through how to do a  backroll kite loop; a great trick to learn as one of your first…