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4 days ago

Winter is coming, which also means it's getting WINDY in the UK! Join Tom Court in his latest #CourtInTheAct vlog, and in this episode, he…

7 days ago

Need to change your Spectre Bar hook? Check out the full step-by-step tutorial right here.

3 weeks ago

Join Tom Court for an Autumn stormy session on the Isle of Wight! Welcome back for another shred session, this time at home on the…

3 weeks ago

In this episode of #TeamTalk, Tom Court talks us through Duotone's Click bar and the features that make it one of his all-time favourite bars! …

4 weeks ago

In this episode of Team Talk, Tom Court catches up with Paula Novotna and Reno Romeo and talk about Duotone's Entity bootstrap and pad system.…

1 month ago

Join Paula Novotna and the DR crew; including Valentin Rodriguez, Tom Court, Robby James, Eli Jelinkova, Nissael Gomez, Marta Law and James Griffith for a…

2 months ago

In this weeks episode of #CourtInTheAct, Tom Court takes us on a downwinder in Buen Hombre - Check this out!

2 months ago

In Tom Court's latest episode of #CourtInTheAct, he heads to a small lagoon in La Bocca, Dominican Republic, with the Duotone crew, including Paula Novotna,…

3 months ago

Join Tom Court in his latest episode of #CourtInTheAct! First off, Tom teams up with Sam Light on Hayling Island for a shred session, then…