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1 week ago

What a crew, what a vibe!!

1 month ago

Tarifa bar views!

1 month ago

Tom Court has found extreme sports especially kiteboarding, as a source of therapy, which has helped with any mental health issues he's faced, even during…

2 months ago

It's time for a second season of James Carew's Storming video series! Between events, James has been globetrotting in search of the perfect kite surfing…

2 months ago

Ready to shreddy with Tom Court? Tune in to his latest video where he talks about Graham Howes' film, We Need To Talk, and goes…

3 months ago

Tom Court is home on the Isle of Weight, with solid spring forecasts rolling into the UK coastline! So it's time to get up early…

3 months ago

He's back, and this week, Tom Court is off on a secret mission to shoot a full stack shreddery video with James Carew in a…

4 months ago

We all undoubtedly saw Tom Courts' gnarly crash reel last week and this week - and this week, we get the story behind it! It's…