Naish Kiteboarding Cult 9m 2008 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Cult 9m 2008

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At a Glance

The Cult is one of the Sigma Series from Naish for 08, designed with the Geo Tech canopy and Sigma leading edge. The Geo Tech is a method of stitching the canopy in a horizontal manner and actually stitching tension into it, which is evident when it is inflated. On the beach you won’t notice it but once the kite is pumped up you will notice the front third of the canopy is under tension. The sigma leading edge moves the centre of effort of the kite further back which in turn creates a more stable kite. The other benefit is that the plan shape allows the kite to twist and turn from the middle of the kite rather than just the tips, which allows the kite to react faster to rider input. Oh and lets not forget the pivot point relaunch. The whole concept is still pretty new and being met with interest on lots of beaches. Not since the bow kite have we had something so dramatic in terms of a design concept. The bar system is a simple 1:1 affair with a direct attachment to the rear of the kite. The Cult is a 4 line bridle SLE that is billed as the little brother to the Helix, the main difference being the 5 strut canopy and the price.

In the Air

If you haven’t tried a Sigma kite yet from Naish, get down to your local dealer and get yourself hooked up with a demo ride. We talk a lot about stability with kites, but there is no other kite on the market that can equal the stability of these designs. Take it out on the gustiest day in the worst wind possible and you really just won’t notice. While all around are complaining and heading in you will be staying out with a smile on your face. The kites have such a solid airframe that we have yet to see matched by any other kite this year. You really have to try it to fully believe how good it is. The Cult is billed as the little brother to the Helix and it is tough to call where it lacks to its bigger brother. The performance is really impressive, great turning speed and exceedingly direct handling make this kite a dream to fly, you can feel where it is in the sky at all times, yet the bar pressure is far lighter than found on its predecessor the Boxer. Jumping the kite doesn’t go as huge as the helix but it isn’t far off, it is also easier to fly and doesn’t really require any changing of your existing habits to get the most out of the kite, true plug and play fun. Unhooked the kite is really stable, perhaps not as exciting to loop as some of the new hybrid kites on the market, but where it may lack a little here it still more than makes up for it with its awesome airframe. The Cult is billed as an all round kite and the bar set up allows for total depower, so great for beginners, re-launch is also easy when you use the correct technique. But the kite is much more than that, the super direct steering makes it perfect for riding waves and the unhooked stability lend it nicely to freestyle.


The most stable design on the market today, fast, responsive, great performance.


Lacks a little guts in unhooked kite loops


Simply the most stable canopy you can get your hands on except of course for the other kites in the range, great for all abilities.

This review was in Issue 6 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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