Slingshot Refraction 139 x 42cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Refraction 139 x 42cm 2018

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At A Glance

The Slingshot Refraction is the signature model of international kiteboarder Sam Light. Built to keep up with Sam’s skills in the park, freestyle riding and looping at the King of the Air, it is also designed to perform at the cable park too!

The board is made with a Paulownia wood core, sandwiched between urethane rails; then an extra thick Durasurf base is layered on the bottom to protect the board from whatever obstacle you may hit next. A medium rocker and hard flex are what hard-charging riders want from their boards, and the Refraction delivers. 0.5” wakestyle fins come as standard, and the deck is flat to allow you to ride with your any style of boot. Though the board can obviously be ridden in straps, it has been designed for boots, and this is where you will surely get the most out of it.

Billed as a cross over board, the Refraction is just as at home at the cable park as it is down at the beach.

Sizes: 135/40.8, 139/42, 143/43.1 cm

The pop produced is phenomenal!

On The Water

The Refraction is a solid board both in design and feel. There are no worries about putting your board on while on the beach and skidding across pretty much any surface to the water. The slider base is tough and built to withstand not only natural obstacles but those found at your local wake park too.

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Interestingly, the stance on the Refraction is quite narrow. This is a trend we see more and more in wakestyle riders, however, do be aware of this before setting your board up and doing as we did going straight for the central insert.

The Refraction is surprisingly agile, for something that is so bombproof in design, it is fast, smooth and nimble underfoot. Just riding the Refraction is not good enough; it wants to play at all times. Every little wave or piece of chop will be something to smack or pop off, and the board will be with you every step of the way. Incredibly lively underfoot, riding fast and aggressively will ensure you get the most out of it.

The Refraction is a relatively heavy board, and for big boosts and floaty spins it will, of course, work, but you will need a solid bit of power in your kite. Hucking big loops is another matter, and the board withstands and absorbs even the heaviest of landings.

For unhooked wakestyle riding the Refraction proves why it is Sam Lights board of choice. The pop produced is phenomenal. The long heel side edge stays engaged right until the last moment before snapping you into the air. The medium rocker ensures solid landings, which are super stable throughout.

Riding through chop on the Refraction is comfortable if a little bumpy. The channelling on the tips of the board allows the water to be displaced keeping it away from your eyes the majority of the time and soaking up some of the smaller lumps.


We enjoyed the 2018 Slingshot Refraction a lot more than we anticipated. This is not to say we were not expecting much. However, the board was much more than we first thought. Not only is it great for your powered wakestyle riding and for hitting obstacles it is just incredibly playful at all times and encourages you to try new pops and slides at every opportunity.


This review was in Issue 67 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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