Slingshot Lunacy 132 x 41 cm 2009 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Lunacy 132 x 41 cm 2009

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At A Glance

Ruben Lenten has been riding the Fuel from Slingshot for seven years! Famously he was riding Brunotti boards for a while, but a couple of years ago he switched to Slingshot sticks and last year they produced his first ever Pro Model board, the Lunacy.
This year the board has undergone some changes and improvements. The main one being the technology that has been borrowed from Slingshot’s wakeboard construction techniques.
Dubbed FRT, which stands for Future Response Technology the board promises to have improved flex, rebound and pop over previous models. The graphics have undergone a major change too and you can’t argue with the appearance of the board; the white and gold looks pimp.
The outline and shape is similar to last year and you can tell from the super wide tips that this board has been shaped with freestyle firmly ingrained into it.

On the Water

The Slingshot Lunacy is a thorough bred freestyle machine, and you must remember this board has been designed with one person in mind. When you consider that that person is none other than Ruben Lenten, one of the most hardcore and aggressive riders out there, you will get some idea as to what this board is like.
First up it is very fast in a straight line. You almost don’t notice just how quick you are going until you load up the edge and explode off the water. But it isn’t as simple as that. The board needs to be ridden very aggressively to achieve the maximum performance. It isn’t a forgiving ride at all and at first we found it quite hard to get the most out of it. On flat water though, one you are tuned in, there really isn’t a limit to its performance, except perhaps your own riding ability! Landing tricks is really easy on the super wide platform, but getting into them when the board is going at Mach 10 can be a little tricky!
Out of the flat water and into serious chop the Lunacy isn’t quite as at home. The stiff mid section makes it an effort on your knees and the board is by no means easy to ride.
Experts only need really apply here. In fact if you’re young, dumb and Dutch it is probably perfect, which of course is the whole reason for its existence. As older, slower riders we still prefer the Misfit, as it is easier to ride and much more forgiving than the Lunacy.


Insane performance - it’s called the Lunacy after all! If you are an expert rider looking for the ultimate then search no further. Especially if you like to ride super fast and powered.


Very specific freestyle machine and definitely not for the mere mortals out there!


If you like the way Ruben rides and you think you have the balls to ride like him, give the Lunacy a go.

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This review was in Issue 11 of IKSURFMAG.

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