Shinn Bronq Backspacer 136 x 42cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn Bronq Backspacer 136 x 42cm 2019

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At A Glance

Shinn have been producing some of the best twin tips around for some time, and the Bronq has garnered an army of fans the world over. It’s a freeride design that is packed with technology to enhance your time on the water. Featuring a Paulownia and Balsa wood core wrapped up in Tri-Axial cloth and Textreme Carbon it’s the lightest construction in the Shinn range.

The shape is bang up to date too with a split concave base featuring channels in the tips. A constant curve pronounced rocker line sets the board off, and the BITE Hi-Visibility fins look great on the board and help you spot it in the water. Compatible with the Sneaker SRS or Sneaker 6 footpads and straps we opted for the SRS version on ours, these feature a ratchet system to allow you get the perfect fit with ease.

The build quality is second to none, Shinn own their own factory in Poland, and Mark Shinn is there every day he isn’t testing making sure the products are of a really high standard. You won’t be disappointed with the finish when you take it out of the box for the first time!

On The Water

I’m a recent convert back to twin tip riding, for a good while I was a wave head or into foiling and had fallen out of love with the boards that initially got me into kiting. The right twin tip, however, has me frothing at the mouth for a session and can make a real difference.

The Bronq Backspacer is one of those boards, it’s light, fast and great fun on the water. Shinn have always made boards that handle the chop well, and this one is no different. Coming back from an ankle injury, I was concerned that a twin tip would aggravate it, but I can handle long sessions on choppy waters with ease.

There is no spray to the face, and the speed generation comes easy. Once you load the edge, you’ll discover an exciting pop, perfect for launching some simple freestyle tricks. It’s even more fun for boosting though, solid lift-off every time and the landings from any trick are smoothed out with the split double concave base.

The rocker line makes the board fun in any conditions, and the medium to stiff flex keeps it lively and fast. It’s an engaging ride that a lot of kiteboarders will enjoy.


Fast, fun and easy to ride the Bronq Backspacer is a freeride twin tip that can cut through the chop, blast upwind and boost to its heart's content. Slip your feet into one and take it for a ride, we guarantee you will be hooked!

This review was in Issue 80 of IKSURFMAG.

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