Ocean Rodeo Mako 165 x 44cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Ocean Rodeo Mako 165 x 44cm 2018

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At A Glance

The Mako, Ocean Rodeo’s renowned signature board, has recently undergone a revamp and we were excited to be able to test it out.

Presented as a surf-orientated twin tip, the Mako doesn’t look like a modern-day kiteboard; in fact, you may think it’s from a different era. A continuously curved rail from the centre to the very rounded tips combined with the largest concave you have ever seen in a kiteboard, let alone a twin tip. When you open it up, you’ll only find two fins... Nope, you’re not missing anything from the box; it’s a twin fin set up, centred at each tip.

Built to withstand the rocky shores of Canada the Mako feels solid and oozes quality. Previously, when testing the smaller 140cm version of the Mako, I had a little mishap. I was I so stoked to head out kiting, that in the process of running out of the door I smacked it into the doorframe. Thoroughly upset with myself, and saddened to have hit a new board against the wall, I looked down dreading some damage. To my surprise, nothing, not even a faint scratch, and certainly no damage to the ABS sidewall. Thanks to Ocean Rodeo for building solid gear, these boards are certainly tough!

We had already headed out and hit the water on the middle sizes 140cm Mako and thoroughly enjoyed it; please check out the review section on our website for the review of the 140cm 2018 Ocean Rodeo Mako, if you missed it. This time we hit the water on the 165cm variant. Not only is the 165cm Mako a lot larger it comes with a huge array of riding styles. Aimed more at wave riding there is a variety of stance options to choose from.

The Mako comes in 4 sizes: 135 x 37, 140 x 40, 150 x 40 and 165 x 44cm. Each with a distinct colourway and all boards come complete with the Bliss Air pads and straps.

A unique riding experience and a bundle of different options.

On the Water

Firstly, we thought it would be a good starting point to head out using the usual twin tip stance option. We again found the Mako to be a cloud-like experience while cruising around on the water. The Mako’s glide through the chop, waves and across the flat sections soaking up every bump. Due to the huge amount of concave the board transfers from rail to rail incredibly smoothly and the rounded tips give the board a progressive carve. Heading upwind is a doddle with the larger Mako, while jumping becomes more clumber-some with a 165cm board, this board is huge compared to your average twin tip. The 165cm Mako still jumps well though and works exceedingly well as a light wind alternative to its smaller brothers.

We later tried out the mutant stance options. Riding the board as a mutant was a lot of fun, something we don’t get to experience much nowadays with so little in terms of mutants on the market. Most are usually pretty small too making them great old school freeride boards. However, the 165cm Mako in mutant mode is a perfect intro for those wanting to progress into wave riding. The board performs well when ridden off the back end of the board, flowing into each carve down the face with ease. Hitting the lip for some tighter turns is a blast too, just hammer the board, and it whips around, coming onto your toeside edge is smooth and riding long distances is comfortable on the Mako. Want to ride it back on your heels, no problem that’s what a mutant is all about, no digging in of the nose either when ridden heelside to the right. It does take some time to fully tune into this style, but it is well worth it.

Worth noting as well that there is an optional fin expansion pack available to give the board a 3-fin thruster style setup at the back. The Bliss Air pads and straps that come with the Mako range are super comfortable, very adjustable, they perfect for the choppy conditions that this board loves to eat up.


We have been incredibly impressed with the 2018 Mako range from Ocean Rodeo so far, and the 165cm was a blast. With a unique riding style and a bundle of different options, the 165cm is a fantastic option for those larger riders, those wanting to make the most of a light breeze or those wanting to get into and learn wave riding. It’s a very well constructed board with super comfortable straps and pads. Personally, I enjoyed the mutant set up the most, slashing waves and mixing in some old school moves.

This review was in Issue 67 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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