CORE Kiteboarding Fusion 3 139 x 41.5cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Fusion 3 139 x 41.5cm 2018

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At A Glance

The Fusion3 is the third incarnation of the ever popular Fusion model Twin Tip by German Kitesurf manufacturer CORE Kiteboarding. Designed as a performance all-rounder, the Fusion3 houses some impressive technology and features for a board, which looks like it will suit a vast majority of us.

Starting with the deck, a 3D wooden core is sandwiched between 2 layers of Cartan Carbon which is a biaxial carbon fibre which aids flex lengthways rather than horizontally, this material also keeps the weight of the board down but the pop and durability up. The Paulownia wood core has been milled with various diamond shapes throughout the top side which directs torsional forces to the edges of the board to create a balance between flex and rigidity.

The base of the board features a double concave for carving abilities, multi channels for better edging, and, inspired by powerboats in rough waters, a V shaped keel for stability and displacement of chop. The rocker line has deepened for this version, and the tips widened slightly for a more freestyle orientated ride.

Compatible with both the Union Comfort and Union Pro2 strap and pad sets, both of these are adjustable and will lock your foot into the board for a secure feel.
Coming in a massive 8 different sizes with COREs unmistakable graphics, there will surley be a board to suit you.

Sizes: 133x39cm, 135x40cm, 137x41cm, 139x41.5cm, 141x42cm, 144x43cm, LW 147X44cm, LW 152x46cm

“A truly exceptional performance board”

On The Water

The Fusion3 possesses COREs renowned smoothness and polish, and this years offering even more so. Noticeably lighter than its predecessors, and also wider in the tips, it gets planning quickly and picks up speed with ease. With this speed you are able to ride out any uncertain lulls in the wind and the channelling underneath helps to drive you forward and upwind.

The new variable rail thickness has a more playful feel underfoot, with the tips being thinner you are able to really load up some kinetic energy to be released as you carve and pop your way along. Rail to rail carving is fluid, and the fusion3 is a real joy to take into waves and lumps of chop to throw some impressive amounts of spray.

The fins supplied with the Fusion3 are actually quite big, which for more old school boosting moves provide that extra bit of grip on take off, and can help catch you on slightly sketchy landings in the choppier waters.

Through these choppy waters there is a slight bit of spray kicking up, but slow your speed down and this reduces dramatically. In butter flat water the Fusion3 really comes alive, and the added tip width and new rocker line create a fantastic freestyle board with huge amounts of easy to use performance.

Unlike more wakestyle orientated boards, which can be hard to produce the elusive pop if you are still learning, the Fusion3 performs like clockwork and truly allows you to concentrate on yourself rather than forcing the board through a move. Landings are stable and soft, and again the fins engage quickly to keep you flowing.


The Fusion3 has again exceeded our expectations in its performance. Billed as an all-rounder, it does everything, and does it incredibly well. CORE have maintained their attention to detail in the design and manufacturing, and produced a truly exceptional performance board which will take you from your first few rides right through to handle pass moves.


This review was in Issue 68 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit CORE Kiteboarding


By Robin and Sukie
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