Kitelement Revert 136 x 41cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Kitelement Revert 136 x 41cm 2015

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At A Glance

Kitelement have been producing “split” boards for a couple of years now, these boards are great for travelling and easy storage. The ReVert takes all the knowledge they have been developing making split boards and puts it into their first non-split twin tip.

The ReVert is aimed at the high-end of the market, delivering an aggressive yet high performance riding experience. The Revert design features a UD-rockerline, LD-channels, M-shaped tips, 40mm fins as well as a stunningly glossy carbon finish. The combination of these design elements give the rider explosive pop, incredible grip and smooth landings from even the heaviest freestyle moves.

The ReVert is built from the centre out, with a Paulownia wood core, which is not only super light but handles pressure brilliantly at high levels of flexion. This is accompanied by a StiffCarb layer, a high end carbon lay up ensures that the ReVert can handle anything you throw at it. As well as epoxy sidewalls, these are 10 times harder than usual ABS rails and provide a better seal between layers, reducing the risk of delamination.

The ReVert is supplied with Kitelement’s ReForm strap and pad system. The ReForm pads are made from memory foam, adjusting to the shape of your feet the more you ride. They also have a toe ridge and antislip top layer to increase your comfort. The straps are of a high quality also.

The whole of the Kitelement range is incredibly stunning with their carbon and colour finishes, the ReVert will come in a Black / Carbon finish or a White / Carbon finish. We were amazed by the shine on the Black / Carbon model. As ever, please do remember if you’re one for riding up the beach a lot, shiny finishes often show the scratches more than matt finishes.

Sizes: 136 x 41 + 140 x 43

On The Water

Hitting the water on the ReVert was an absolute blast; we had such a fun time riding this board. The board handles really well in a variety of conditions; in the flats it gripped brilliantly giving a large amount of pop even in when the wind was light. The ReVert behaved very well carving across wave faces and soaked up the chop out back. For certain moves it did feel slightly too grippy, releasing you maybe a fraction later than some boards that use smaller fins.

The ability to hold this grip meant that when you wanted to go big you could maximise the amount of pop and airtime you could get. On the test team we have some big feet and some tiny feet, the ReForm pads and straps fitted everyone perfectly, they have the ability to tighten well and the foam layer is super soft to land on. There wasn't a point our feet felt uncomfortable in the ReForm system. As with most footwear it’s worth remembering that these pads and straps will be fairly stiff to start with, but the more you use them the comfier they get.

“A radical freestyle and freeride board packed with performance.”


We really enjoyed our time on the ReVert, it really is a high end, radical, freestyle and freeride tool. It is a brilliant board for those looking to take their riding to the next level, whether that be improving aerials or stomping their next Freestyle moves. It definitely leans more towards freestyle and freeride with all that grip though, if you want a loose skatey wakestyle board look elsewhere, or alternatively remove the fins completely!


This review was in Issue 50 of IKSURFMAG.

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