Shinn Pinbot 135 x 41cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn Pinbot 135 x 41cm 2015

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At A Glance

The board line upat Shinn just keeps on growing, the PinBot is a new edition to the range for 2015. Designed as a doit all, have fun anywhere and everywhere type of board, it fits into the line up perfectly. The Pinbot features Squoval Mould technology resulting in unparalleled bilateral flex in the tips of the board while still maintaining its rigidity and feedback. The result of this is a super smooth ride even in the roughest of conditions.

Shinns super comfy and adjustable Sneaker 5 combo comes as standard with the Pinbot as well as Bite composite fins and handle.

Incredibly easy to ride and very forgiving!

On The Water

The Shinn Pinbot proved itself tobe one of the most comfortable and pleasant boards we have tested for a while. Refreshingly honest, itisnot trying tobe something truly spectacular at every aspect of kiting. Instead, itis exceedingly good at doing what most kitesurfers doon their average session. Riding upwind is effortless in both powered and light conditions, no matter what the water state. The flexible tips coupled with the amazingly cushioned pads really lend themselves tothose who ride in chop. Headaches from bouncing over lumps of water are a thing of the past. On the Pinbot you'll glide through them and enjoy the ride along the way.

The Pinbot has impressive carving capabilities and makes you hunt out lumps of water to slash your way across. The larger and slightly more surf shaped fins grip the water ferociously allowing you to send up buckets of spray and power through the turn. Jumping and popping is again easy and fun with the Pinbot, while the landings are super smooth and forgiving.


An excellent all round kiteboard, Shinn have hit the nail on the head here with a doit all board for the average kitesurfer who hasto ride in choppy conditions. It's incredibly easy to ride and very forgiving too, perfect for those riders just progressing from lessons but with enough performance toentertain those throwing tricks too.


This review was in Issue 53 of IKSURFMAG.

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