Shinn Monkette Gold 131 x 40cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn Monkette Gold 131 x 40cm 2017

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At A Glance

Back for 2017, the Monkette Gold is Shinn’s all-round board designed especially for women. Designed to the same spec as the ever-popular ‘Monk’ board, the Monkette tailors the shape, flex and technology specifically for the needs of the female rider. The board features a progressive concave with a constant curve rocker, simply speaking the shape and ‘bend’ in the board results in a smooth and grippy ride.

The Monkette has inserts for both straps and boots, though the new straps, which come as standard, are excellent, with ratchet fastening to allow your feet to be perfectly snug. No more having to adjust Velcro numerous times in one session! The craftsmanship is second to none, and Shinn back this up with an incredible two-year warranty just in case anything was to go wrong.

Sizes 127 x 38, 129 x 39 and 131 x 40cm

On The Water

Shinn boards have always been an incredibly well thought out package, and the Monkette Gold only builds on this. The straps are so wonderfully comfy and with the new ratchet system you really can get just the right fit. It also makes it really easy when wearing booties during the winter months as they are so adjustable.
The first thing you notice about the Monkette is the easy planing and super smooth ride. The relatively flexy nature of the board means it not only eats up chop, it also just loves to be thrown about on the water. In fact, every bit of chop or lumpy wave will have you slashing around. Being slightly smaller than a lot of boards these days actually brings back this more playful side to riding.

Eats up chop, and just loves to be thrown around!

Jumping is super fun; the Monkette is very grippy, and will enable you to hold on right until the last moment before launching into the sky. Landings are stable and forgiving, again helped by the flex of the board. The board possesses some great pop, and we were very impressed by not only the freeride performance but also the freestyle potential. This is where having the boot ready inserts really comes into play, as you know the board will be able to withstand you trying those powered moves even if you do catch an edge or two!


A very playful board that wants to be thrown around. We have been really impressed with this years Monkette Gold, not only is it super smooth and comfy, the performance covers such a vast spectrum of rider that everyone could get something positive out of riding it.


This review was in Issue 61 of IKSURFMAG.

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