Shinn Bronq 136 x 42cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn Bronq 136 x 42cm 2015

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At A Glance

The carbon Bronq is an all-new board for 2015 and has been two years in the making. The lovely folk at Shinn have been sourcing the highest quality carbon for use in this board and, it seems to us, the wait was worth it. By using super high strength Carbon, the board can have its weight greatly reduced by cutting down both the laminate and core. The result is an incredibly light, fast and versatile board which looks the bee’s knees. The Bronq comes equipped with bright yellow fins, which are a godsend in the water if you loose your board, a high quality comfortable grab handle, and also the Sneaker 5 pad + strap set.

On The Water

We almost did not want to put this board in the water for fear of ruining its good looks, but we were glad we did. Up and planing early it works well not only in those light winds, but can also hold down a fair bit of power due to the big grippy fins underneath.

The first thing that you notice is how unbelievably smooth the board is to ride, it feels more like flying than riding through the water. This is not only contained to shallow flat water, but once out into the chop the exact same feeling continues.

So it’s a smooth ride, but is that it? Well, incredibly no. This board will fulfil all old school freestylers dreams. Explosive pop off the water coupled with the light weight means you can throw the board around to your heart’s content for those boards offs and multiple spins. Coming in hard and fast after those heights is no issue with super grippy big fins to get you back on your edge in no time at all.

“It feels more like flying than riding through the water!”


Truly dreamy, like riding on a cloud. Then pop into the air and have a light and nimble weapon to throw around. If you want the best of the best for some smooth riding and old school fun, and want to look swanky in the process, you could not go wrong here.

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This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.

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