Shinn Monk Lover 131 x 40cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn Monk Lover 131 x 40cm 2015

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At A Glance

The Monk has been one of the most successful boards in the Shinn range over the past few years, and this years Monk Lover only confirms why it is a huge favourite among a plethora of riders out there!

Building on the impressive freestyle and freeride capabilities, this years board features new moulding and a new outline, though we have been assured it still feels like the same board, only better! The flex of the board has been improved upon for 2015, this year features a much more progressive flex resulting in an even smoother and more comfortable ride. Not only that, the tweaked outline obliterates any lump of chop, which may be coming your way. The Monk is equipped with the Sneaker5 pad + strap set, and though incredibly comfy, does not go super small, so be aware if you do have tiny feet you may need to ride with booties.

“A dream in chop, flat water, waves and for freestyle, the Monk Lover ticks all the right boxes!”

On The Water

The Monk Lover has a lot to live up to and not only does it match previous offerings, it by far excels past them. The board gets going very early, planning and trucking upwind are no issue at all. When cruising around the board is a docile creature, impeccably behaved. It is when you put some energy into your riding however the Monk really comes alive. It wants to be thrown around and is incredibly lively underfoot. Carve into some waves, switch between heel and toe side or load up and launch into the air.

None of these are a hassle for the Monk, it is like a puppy coming back for more and never tiring. There are some big grippy fins on the Monk Lover, which aside from holding your line when slicing through the ocean also allow you to hack at the waves with great pleasure. Chop is no issue, all Shinn boards seem to chop eaters and the Monk is no exception. There is some solid pop produced on the Monk Lover, allowing you to fire your way through your unhooked repertoire with ease.


A truly solid all-round board, which will suit a huge array of riders. It is a dream in chop, flat water, waves and for freestyle, the Monk Lover ticks all the right boxes. A definite improvement for 2015, it is well worth a look of you are looking for an upgrade this year.


This review was in Issue 52 of IKSURFMAG.

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