Brunotti Riptide 132 X 40cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Brunotti Riptide 132 X 40cm 2015

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At A Glance

Brunotti have been making women's specific boards for some time now. Their latest offering really hits the nail on the head for the girl who is looking to push her riding and needs a board to keep up. Traditionally women's boards have been very much geared towards the more genteel freeride style, good in chop, medium flex, etc. Which is great if you just want to cruise, but what about those women who want to push themselves? That is where the Riptide comes in.

The Board features Active Diamond Rail Technology, Dual Concave and Dual Channels on the base for flawless grip, and comes equipped with Brunotti’s high-performance pad and strap set. This is a package that, while clearly feminine is not over the top in flowers, pink and all things ‘girl’.

Kudos to Brunotti for having reinforced inserts on a girls board too, acknowledging that more and more women are starting to ride with boots and don't want to worry about the board breaking.

This year added flex gives huge pop off the water with only the tiniest effort!

On The Water

The first thing to notice with the Riptide is how much more flex the board has from last year. This is no bad thing, last year was great for those riding aggressively, but this year’s added flex gives huge pop off the water with only the tiniest effort. Incredibly comfy and adjustable pads and straps hug all sized feet. Large square tips give a bigger surface area in the water meaning even in those lighter winds the board is very efficient and seems to zoom upwind with ease.

This board excels in flat water, and while very good in the chop, it does send up a little spray, but still keeps its smoothness cutting through most lumps and bumps. The Riptide has been built with freestyle in mind, an active rocker coupled with flex tips allows you to really load up the edge and explode off the water. While the double concave and dual channels offer outstanding grip and also help to soften those hard and fast landings.

With the board feeling so solid, it is very confidence-inspiring and would suit those who are looking to push their freestyle riding to the max.


The Brunotti Riptide is a great board with technology and performance to get you riding to as high a level as possible. Aimed primarily at the freestyle market, this is not merely a men’s board in girly graphics, but has been designed from the bottom up to suit women's freestyle needs.


This review was in Issue 53 of IKSURFMAG.

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